How LOW do we have to get before we take action?

Good Morning Leaders, A new research study covering tens of thousands of adults around the world finds that the USA is not competitive when it comes to math, literacy or technology problem solving.   (See Charts Below post - Click Here for the Complete Study).

Even more concerning is the lack of concern I get when I share the results. My question is "How LOW do we have to get before we take action?"

In our Innovation Engineering work we see evidence of a lack of writing ability, math and problem solving.  Only 50% of projects have math.  Concepts are not as clear as they should be.  And the "logic flow" between customer, problem, promise, proof and math game plan is rarely great.

I accept the responsibility for finding more effective methods of educating managers on the need for writing, math and problem solving.

However, I also feel that we need to start setting higher standards - and yes - putting in some time working, reworking and reworking.  In my early days at Procter & Gamble  it was not uncommon to rewrite a memo 10 to 20 times.  The rewriting was for one purpose only - to improve the quality of  thinking.  Today people laugh at how foolish it was in "the old days."

This week I teach Innovation College.

I can assure you that the new students will be doing the math and writing like "the old days."

And on campus - we will be increasing the rigor of all application classes - especially in the Create and Communicate classes.

My challenge to all who read this is to stop accepting crappy writing, poor math and problem solving.  Stop accepting it today.  Do it - for the good of the country, your company and yourself.