How to Accelerate Export & Partnerships with Irish Innovators

Good Morning Innovation Pioneers, This Blog Post includes links to videos where four Irish Companies tell the story of their Innovation Engineering Journey. The VIDEOS ARE VALUABLE to watch and share with your team as they will help you understand that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  The accents are different - however the challenges they face and the solutions that work are the same the world over. 


These Irish companies have the same mindset that you have on innovation!


• These are the kinds of companies you want to partner with.


• These are the kinds of companies you want to collaborate with.

If you have technologies or capabilities that can help the IRISH companies contact me and I'll connect you.

If they have technologies or capabilities that can you use to help you grow contact me and I'll connect you.


The companies are coached by the longest and most loyal member of the Innovation Engineering movement -  Matrix Business Growth Consultants of Glasgow Scotland. (  Matrix became involved when Graeme Crombie, Matrix partner, came to the Eureka! Ranch May 8, 2001.  It continued with a test event on December 5, 2001 at Turnberry Scotland.  2001.  On May 20 and 21, 2002 the very first program for Small Businesses in Europe was lead by Maggie Nichols and myself at Troon in Scotland.  Since then Graeme and his expert team have lead hundreds of projects.


Last year, the UK and Irish Governments jointly sponsored an Acceleration and Coaching Pilot Program for 10 Irish SME's through the InterTradeIreland Agency. (, The program is called the “Challenge Program.”   It utilizes the same Innovation Engineering training, tools and systems used around the world.


The program has been a success and is now being expanded in 2013 to more companies.  Graeme described the results:


"We have had excellent feedback from the companies on the program. Companies - especially SMEs - think that innovation is slow, expensive, and risky and therefore don't see it as a viable strategy option.


SME's in particular need to understand that they can pursue innovation without the investment in time and money that they might perceive.


Using the Innovation Engineering tools and systems has provided the companies insight into the innovation process that they can then use to grow their businesses. The program has increased their confidence in using innovation as a growth strategy." 

Pasted below are a set of links to videos where the companies tell their stories.


Click here for QUICK VIDEO OVERVIEW of InterTradeIreland Challenge Programme 2012.  The video blends testimonials from a collection of companies.




1. Clada Group, Ballinfoile, Co. Galway, Ireland Clada is an independent contract bottler and creator of innovative soft drinks.  Since its founded in 1962, Clada has consistently produced the highest quality products for some of the largest national retailers in Ireland and also manufactures a range of regional own brands in both glass and PET formats.

“In the past innovation was left to one or two people now many more are involved and all are bought in to the process. We now have a system that is sustaining innovation in the company – in the past it was just sporadic.” Ursula Owens, Company Director

     CLICK TO VIEW Clada Program Video Testimonial  


What to watch for:


- time to develop new products - 18 months down to 6.


- no longer sporadically innovation, we're systematically innovative.


- using FFFC we pick more winners


- spend small amounts of money wisely and to pick better bets.



2. CDE Global, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland CDE Global design and manufacture washing equipment for use in quarries, mines and recycling operations. Innovation is key to the success that the company has enjoyed to date and our involvement on the Challenge program is about ensuring that our reputation for innovation and excellence is maintained as we continue to grow our operations throughout the world.

“The programme came at exactly the right time for us and has given us a solid, structured process that we’re using as our core innovation method. We’re confident that this will deliver our innovation targets in due course. We’d have no hesitation recommending the programme especially for companies in similar circumstances looking for effective structured approaches to innovation.” Kevin Vallelly, R&D Manager

        CLICK TO VIEW CDE Global Video Testimonial


What to watch for:


- System to help create, store and track ideas.


- Less dependence on directors for new ideas.


- 103 ideas in one day from 15 participants was a major turning point.


- expect to generate 3M pounds from one of the ideas created during the program.


3. Fast Engineering Ltd, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland


Fast Engineering has manufactured the innovative range of FASTANK ® liquid storage containers since 1981. FASTANKs are used by major oil companies, oil spill responders, fire & rescue services and Aid Relief agencies throughout the world. The multi-purpose FASTANKs are used in over 100 countries from the cold of the Arctic to the heat of the desert.

“Our product has been developed to the point of being market ready in a shorter time frame than normal. The good thing is we now have a process which we have confidence in.” Carson Mulholland, General Manager CLICK TO VIEW FAST ENGINEERING VIDEO What to watch for:


- speeds up time to develop new products, used to take 18 months now it is 9 months.


- innovation doesn't have to be expensive or take a long time.


4. T.E. Lab Video Testimonial - CLICK TO VIEW

If you want to connect with Irish companies - please contact the Ranch team and we will facilitate introductions.