How to Overcome Inertia


Sir Isaac Newton’s first law shows that when all the forces acting upon an object or idea are balanced then the acceleration of that object will be ZERO.  Objects or ideas at equilibrium will not change. Newton’s second law teaches us that Force = Mass times Acceleration.

Basically - this means that to generate a FORCE in the world - you need to be either very big or you need to step on the gas.

New ideas by their very nature start with a small mass.  Someone says “I have an idea.”

The classic response to this is to evaluate, analyze and prudently examine the idea.  The result is certain death.

To overcome inertia you need to accelerate your learning cycles.

You need to be able to rapidly create ideas - test the ideas - adapt and adjust and test again.

You need to be able to painlessly collaborate - connecting with others - learning from others.

You need to have alignment - vertically with leadership and horizontally across departments

This is what Innovation Engineering is all about.


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