I am amazed at the honesty

Good Morning Innovation Pioneers, I'm on a very, very busy tour of London & Scotland - doing meeting after meeting.   As I sit here in Perth Scotland, watching the sun come up, enjoying a glorious coffee - I'm reflecting on what I've learned.

The meetings have been as different as could be - with people ad distinct in jobs, backgrounds and personality as can be.

Most of the people I've known for 10, 20 or in one case near 30 years.  They are all 50 or 60 something in age.

What has struck me is the absolute honesty in their response when I ask about their future... how long will you be doing this... what are you thinking about retirement....

With integrity and honesty they respond with deep and clear thinking.  Clearly they had been thinking on this for some time. The driving force behind the responses appear to be their perception of today's changing world.   Without a doubt the world of business has been transformed by the internet... change happens faster.... the digital world is taking over.... new technologies and innovation are no longer optional.

One set of responses has been.... I've never found business more exciting.... I have never seen opportunities on a global scale like this.... The amount I'm learning every week and month is amazing it's so much fun...learning is so much harder then I thought it would be but it's so much fun.

The other set of responses has been... I'm just too old to relearn... I need to retire and refocus ....  it's just not fun anymore.  To be honest - I so respect their honesty.  They are taking charge of their life and not giving up ... but rather reinventing themselves.  Each have a vision of where they are going... what they are going to do next.  They've just decided that the world of business is not for them.  My respect for their courage is immense and my support for them in their new lives is equally immense.

Most interestingly - I would have been totally WRONG if I had guessed who would have each view.   The most extreme "i'm done" came from someone who I would of thought for sure would have been all in for the transformation.   The most extreme "this is awesome" came from someone I would have said for sure was contemplating retirement in the next year.

What I learned is that you just can't predict how people will face real change...my advice....

Respect each person.... support their journey.... give of yourself to help them what ever their path may be.