IGNITE Innovation SPEED - Change your destination

A simple way to ignite innovation development speed is to change your destination. When you move from a destination of …

“World wide expansion”


“We are shipping 300 units to a Learning Lab”

risk to the organization is reduced dramatically.  It becomes easier for regulatory, finance, sales, marketing, product quality, etc, etc, etc. - to say yes when your destination is a limited marketplace experiment.

The result is you can learn faster and move faster.

Learning Labs can be - direct sale via the internet, 6 stores, 2 distributors, etc..  They are small and contained real world experiences where real customers buy and use your service or product.

In situations where there continues to be nervousness - you can execute the learning lab under a different company’s name.   You can use a research company, vendor partner, etc. to be the “official” name.   Over the years we’ve done this for Fortune 50 companies to help them reduce their perception of risk.

Importantly, if you have a true innovation - a true breakthrough - then you probably have depths of proprietary protection.  As a result there is little risk to doing a public Learning Lab.   Conversely, if your idea is not protectable - if it's not proprietary - then you have to ask yourself why are you wasting your time on it....

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