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Are you frustrated with how long it takes you to go from idea to market? If you are, you are not alone.  Time to market is a top frustration that is shared by everyone from front line innovators to CEO’s.

In this BETA test of the new IGNITING INNOVATION Video Podcast host Doug Hall will take you through 5 Tips for Accelerating Your Speed to Market.

An example of the kind of things Doug will be discussing includes…

How discipline can be used to accelerate speed to market.  This is in contrast to many cultures where discipline creates bureaucracy and frustration.

The discipline Doug will be talking about will include practical ideas for bringing discipline to: 1) enrolling staff groups, 2) strategic alignment by overtly saying what you are NOT interested in, 3) Bringing structure and benchmarking to Gate Review meetings.

This is a LIVE BROADCAST - as a result you will be able to submit questions, ideas and insights on-line after Doug’s presentation.   If you sign up by clicking on the link below - you will be sent a link to watch the broadcast when you have time.

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5 Tips for Accelerating Your Speed to Market

Friday Sep 16, 2016 2:00 PM EDT at:


This video podcast is being presented as a LIVE & INTERACTIVE webinar. On this episode Doug will review new learnings on how to accelerate speed to market. At the conclusion of the broadcast he will take your questions on increasing innovation speed.

This is EPISODE 0.  It is a Beta Test version of what will be a weekly video podcast.  Some will be live events where you can ask questions - others will be recordings

This webinar will provide new learning for the 35,000+ innovators who have participated in Innovation Engineering education programs. It's also valuable for those who are new to the Innovation Engineering field of academic study and leadership science.

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On the IGNITING INNOVATION Video Podcast you will Learn How You Can Accelerate Your Ability to Innovate up to 6X Faster and 10X More Successfully Using the Science of System Driven Innovation