I’m Fired Up - Excited - Optimistic!

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From the nastiness of Brexit, Spain, US Politics and the Stress of this Rapidly Changing world - a new spirit is coming to life.   To paraphrase the movie Network, “change agents are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.”  They are taking responsibility for their world - they are educating themselves, experimenting, dreaming and taking action on their dreams.  

This is not cheap “motivational” preaching…. Last week I observed the energy of this movement first hand as I traveled to 5 states and two countries - listening, learning and teaching Innovation Engineering.  The result is - - -  I am more FIRED UP, more EXCITED about the future and more OPTIMISTIC then I’ve been all year.   

Recall, Innovation Engineering applies the wisdom of system thinking to Innovation - enabling  everyone to “Jump Start Their Innovation BRAIN!”

Last week I observed…

Middle managers who are using system thinking to get off the treadmill of “reactive fire drills.”  They are taking charge of their future - their careers - their companies. 

An Innovation Engineering Black Belt and his wife who are using innovation for their food.  They shared with me a most amazing meal made from eclectic wild ingredients.  It reminded me that innovation is LIFE - it’s not just for business :).

Two thought leaders who teach Innovation Engineering at a University shared how our latest innovations in HOW we teach is generating exponentially bigger impacts. 

Multiple Innovation Engineering classes on campus left me near speechless.  Students asking smarter and frankly tougher questions than business executives ask me about the Innovation Engineering system and mindset.   At the same time - bringing me to near tears as they laid out how they will be using it to change their world. 

An Innovation Engineering Blue & Black Belt who stopped me as I walked down the hall of their company - to show me an idea that could frankly transform their industry.  I’m not talking an ordinary idea - I’m talking about a patentable breakthrough … OMG! 

Three very, very senior executives made me want to dance with joy as they shared how they are confronting the reality of their “dysfunctional” systems and taking responsibility for fixing them. They are servicing their “current reality” - yet are also focused firmly on making the transition to a smarter, better way of leading, working, growing. 

ARE YOU READY?  To Learn How to Reinvent Your Life, Career, Company?

Innovation Engineering is a global movement of over 35,000 pioneers who are accelerating over $75 Billion in innovations.   It beings with training In learning validated systems for thinking smarter, faster and more creatively.   The training is made real through direct application on your work with advanced tools and hands on coaching support. 

We have three public classes coming up…. All are 100% Guaranteed.  If you don’t find value 10X what you paid  - you get your money back no questions asked. 

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