Innovation Engineering Conference Details

Hello Pioneers, Innovation Engineering 2014 Conference Agenda

Here’s the current agenda for the conference starting the evening of April 13 to April 15.

The focus of the conference is on the 5 Pillars of Development Acceleration.

BACKGROUND:  We have demonstrated that by adding clarity at the front of innovation development we can increase development success rates by 250%.  However, if companies revert back to their traditional mindset during develop we are seeing only minor increases in development speed.

This conference and in fact this entire year is focused on how to bring Innovation Engineering into development.   When the IE Mindset and Systems are embraced by development  - speed increases of up to 6x can be realized from idea to market.

The conference is being presented as both an in-person and on-line event.  Sadly, the in person event “sold out” in record time this year.   However, there is still some availability for on-line viewing of the presentations. There will be 4 webinars. You only need to register once – then can sign in for any of the sessions.

For all content areas DIGITAL Classes will be presented LIVE.  The Lab classes will be available only to Innovation Engineering Black Belts or Blue Belts via the Brain Brew Cafe.    Everyone will be able to submit their questions during the event as well.  

All presentations will be broadcast using a three camera shoot with advanced broadcasting technology.

The registration link is below. NOTE: it is strongly suggested that you use the separate phone number you receive upon signing in for audio as it is much more stable than VOIP.

You will be sent a confirmation email.

Two Important Notices - for those ATTENDING the Conference LIVE

 Please bring some MAGIC INGREDIENTS or RECIPES for the Great Pizza Quest on Monday night!

AFTER CONFERENCE OPTION:  You are welcome to stay over to see the Innovation Engineering Executive Program from Wednesday to Thursday noon.   Please email back if you are staying so we can plan for food. 




5:00  Opening Reception

6:00  Traditional Deming Dinner


7:30  Breakfast


8:00  State of Innovation Engineering

9:00  Culture Change - Learning Systems  2.0

10:30 Strategy Activation 2.0

12:00 Lunch


1:00 Innovation Management System 2.0

3:30 Fail FAST Fail CHEAP Research 2.0

5:00 Happy Hour

6:00 PIZZA QUEST -- Bring Your Own Secret Ingredients from Home with You


7:30  Breakfast


8:00 What did we learn?

9:00 Collaboration Cafe 2.0

10:30 Patent ROI 1.0

12:00 Lunch 


1:00 CREATE session on 5 Pillars of Development LEAP Ideas

3:30 Closing

OPTIONAL: Wednesday/Thursday - Attend IE Executive Program at Ranch

 If you have questions - feel free to contact myself or Corie at the Ranch. 

Rock and Roll


There is one more thing.... did Scott know i was going to tell a few secrets -- guess you'll have to wait till the conference to see what he and his team have been up to :)