Innovation Engineering JUST THE FACTS Webinar


Hello Innovation Pioneers, Zealots and Advocates, Over the holidays, as we promised at our meeting of the Innovation Engineering NETWORK pioneers, we converted the radio studio we used to use for  Brain Brew Radio  (the Public Radio International Radio show) into a webinar broadcast studio. IEnetworkIEnetwork

The new Innovation Engineering NETWORK broadcast studio features all sorts of cool video toys...

And thus - it is with great pleasure that we announce the first

Innovation Engineering NETWORK webinar - it's called

Innovation Engineering  JUST THE FACTS

WHO it is -- WHAT it is -- WHY pursue -- HOW it works -- WHERE to start.

It's available at NO COST - thanks to the Innovation Engineering NETWORK.

I will be presenting the webinar live from the new Innovation Engineering NETWORK studio as we call it.   We've had some Fail FAST Fail CHEAP test runs - with more to come.  Our hopes are that the event will be more than simply "a voice over slides."  Our hopes are to have it be interactive with polls during the event as well as live questions from you - via both text as well as direct audio - like we used to do with Brain Brew Radio.

For those who are new to the Innovation Engineering Movement it will be a good introduction.  For those who have been doing all or parts of Innovation Engineering for a while it will be a good update on how all the latest upgrades - Blue Cards®, Invention Blueprints®, New Market GPS™, Innovation Engineering Workshops™ help you Increase Innovation Speed and Decrease Risk.

We have a limit on the number of webinar seats that are available - so if you are interested I suggest you register sooner rather than later.

To register click on the link below.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Note: this is the first of what will become a regular series focused on various areas of interest as well as the latest research on what works and what doesn't when it comes to innovation, marketing, product development, sales, culture change and creativity.

Invites to this first webinar will go to the IE Database of 26,000+  plus our thousands of friends on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

You can HELP THE MOVEMENT - by posting the link above on your social media accounts so to reach more to join us.   Our outrageous goal is to make this first webinar a sell out - then have to upgrade our platform for the next one...:)

With our partners in the Innovation Engineering NETWORK we are working on systems to send these invites to millions in every state and province in the USA and Canada - as well to countries in Europe and Asia where we have Innovation Engineering NETWORK partners.  (We are still working to figure out what time we need to broadcast to have the best LIVE coverage.  From what I'm told the 2:00 pm est  time is the best time to cover from east to west cost in North America. )

The great news is if you see something that interests you for your small company, large company, community college or university - we have Innovation Engineering NETWORK partners who are willing and able to provide support across all 50 US States plus territories and the 10 Canadian Provinces plus territories. They are ready to teach you how to create a sustainable culture of never ending innovation that delivers increased innovation speed and decreased risk. 

Rock and Roll!