Innovation Metrics - A State of the Art Advancement

A week from today on December 10 at 11:00 AM I will be presenting a webinar on a state of the art advancement in innovation metrics. Metrics can be invaluable in helping us improve our innovation system.  They can also destructive to employee motivation and project success rates if used improperly.

The Eureka! Ranch and Innovation Engineering Institute teams have just completed an intensive research project on what drives innovation success as well as innovation culture change.

The result is singular metrics for measuring and improving your Innovation System and Innovation Culture change efforts.

The system has been researched, back tested and shared with members of the Innovation Engineering Community.

On Thursday December 10 as part of the monthly Brain Brew University broadcasts - that provide Continuing Education to Innovation Engineering Black and Blue Belts we will review the thinking behind it as well as how to implement these advanced metrics.

Normally Brain Brew University webinars are private.  We are opening this one to anyone given the high level of interest in the subject of Innovation Metrics.   AND, because frankly, we'd love to have your feedback to help us make it smarter.

FAIR WARNING - I will be contradicting some things I've said in the past. As Dr. Deming would say when asked why he changed what he was saying...."I will never appologize for learning."

The good news is - we are feeling very, very good about the direction. Most importantly - I am confident that Dr. Deming would approve of how we are using metrics. :)


To register for Brain Brew University WEBINAR on December 2015 on Dec 10, 2015 11:00 AM EST go to:

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Doug Hall