Invention Blueprint Database goes LIVE

Pioneers, I bring you good news!

Today we announce the beta launch of

Invention Blueprints the painless way to mine over 10,000,000 inventions to quickly find the handful most useful to you.

blueprints-image-blogpostThe problem: Patents are a rich source of stimulus - showing you not only things that are meaningfully unique but also giving you the 'blueprints' to make them. However today you have to be a patent attorney to quickly find the ones that matter.

The solution:

The Invention Blueprint database mines over 10,000,000 patents to quickly find the 50 or so that matter to you.




How it works:

We've taken the entire US Patent Database (25 terabytes worth of data) and broken it down into 150,000 different patent categories - getting you quickly "into the neighborhood" of patents that are likely most useful to you. The more matching patents you find in a category, the more likely that entire category will have patents that matter.





Q.  Where can I find it? A.  To get to the Invention Blueprint Database, just click on the Invention Blueprints tab inside

Q.  Who gets access to it? A.  This beta launch is being made temporarily available for everyone who currently has access to the Tools section within  At various times we have provided sampler accounts.  In January we will start turning these off. Those with active Innovation Engineering contracts retain that access.  If you are not sure you have a contract, contact us.

Q.  Do big companies and small businesses get the same access? A.   No.  We believe in the Robin Hood approach.  Big companies get the most current patent data as their funding makes the it possible for us to create and maintain this service.  Small businesses get it on a two month delay.  This gives big companies a two month head start to make patent deals.

Q.  I don’t have it and I want it.  How do I get it? A.   If you don’t have access and want to learn more, contact us.

Q.  How did you make this? A.  It was a long hard road. And we have many to thank - particularly

Former Director of the US Patent & Trademark Office, David Kappos - for his vision and leadership over the 3 year effort to make this a reality.

The Development Team - for tirelessly making sense of big data that’s never been cracked before.

Q.  What if I use it and I want to give you ideas/feedback? A.   Great!  We’d love it.  This is the beta version of the tool. And we have many improvements already planned for the next release - like special alerts.  Please send your ideas/feedback/advice our way by clicking the ‘Give Website Feedback’ at the bottom of any page.

Happy mining!