Jump Start Your Brain - Spark Deck 12.21.2017

BACKGROUND on Spark Decks© and Stimulus Response®: As we teach in Innovation Engineering training courses research by the IE Institute team finds that creativity and innovation is not random.  You can increase the number of ideas you generate by a factor of 10 and the number of validated BIG IDEAS by a factor of 6.   The three principles are: 

1. Explore STIMULUS - Stimulus sets off a chain reaction of free associations that spark fresh ideas.

2. Leverage DIVERSITY -  When different people, interact with stimulus and each other an exponential increase in fresh ideas is ignited. 

3. Drive Out FEAR:  Fear of failure kills free associating.  To be successful it must be replaced with a sense of curiosity, experimentation and exploration in a Fail FAST Fail CHEAP way.

Spark Decks translate insights from the six fields of Stimulus Mining (Patent, Wisdom, Market, Insight, Future and Unrelated) into an easy to use format.  The slides contain a DISRUPTIVE Fact deigned to engage fresh ideas - and a set of DIVERGENT prompts designed to ignite fresh thoughts.  The slides are made available for downloading - allowing you to customize the divergent prompts and to edit the slides. 

Click here to download the file

Wisdom Mining: Imagine a fracture - resistant material that could be used to create a building 10 times as high as the world's current tallest building...all from inspiration taken from the sea urchin's spine structure.

Patent Mining: In October 2007, the US Federal government penned the Energy Independence and Security Act that ultimately phased out the traditional incandescent light bulb...what industry change is coming that you can get ahead of?

Unrelated Mining: Did you know you can combine 6 of the 8-studded LEGO bricks in 915,103,765 ways? What can your rearrange using your current resources?