Latest News on Innovation Engineering

Good Morning Innovation Leaders, I am very excited about the momentum our Innovation Engineering Movement is generating.

May 16th in Canada at 9:00 p.m. a new TV show called Backyard Inventors featuring the Innovation Engineering system will go on air on the W Network.  It features myself, Maggie Nichols and Maggie Slovonick of the Ranch will air.   What I'm most proud of is that the show is incredibly "Real."   The small group of people you see - were the ones who made the miraculous transformations happen.  It's proof once again of the power of the Innovation Engineering system.

There is the possibility that I will lead an Inventor Bootcamp on Prince Edward island this summer - with 100% of proceeds going to the College of Piping --- to support Bagpipers and Drummers.  It would be a 2 day program of education, advice and fail FAST, fail CHEAP testing.  If you're interested, please call the Eureka! Ranch and leave your name - or post a response to this blog post.

The Innovation Engineering Labs 2.0 release is looking very good.  It features some very -- ok I'll say it -- Wicked Good upgrades we say in Maine.   Thank you to everyone for your feedback, ideas and advice.

Most importantly we continue to get smarter about how we teach Innovation Engineering.  Thanks to our friends at College Board (Home to 10 Innovation Engineering Black Belts / Candidates) - and the Foster Student Innovation Center at U Maine - we continue to learn the state of the art in how to teach STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) types of classes.

We had two very successful prototypes of portions of the new teaching methodology were as part of Green Belt trainings.  And at the next Leadership Institute -  in Orlando Next month - will be testing even more of the new approaches.   The learning will continue next fall when I'll be back on campus teaching at U Maine.

David Lafkas - a Patent Lawyer - just joined the full time staff at the Eureka! Ranch.  David has been instrumental in helping develop the Provisional Patent acceleration system we teach on Campus and during Black Belt training.   Our intentions are to accelerate the program even more.  Recall, next March 13th the USA goes to a "first to file" basis - this is going to put a premium on being able to file fast.   We are - as you'd expect - doing Fail FAST Fail CHEAP experiments on some new programs.  If your organization would like to participate in the trials - TO ACCELERATE PATENT FILINGS - call the Eureka! Ranch and ask for David.

Lastly we are getting some tangible and significant interest from State governments. A number of real "thought leaders" are talking to us about how to create  "Innovation States."   With the help of some very smart people who are part of NIST MEP, State Governments & Universities a plan is starting to emerge that is fresh and exciting.

Last week I met a very successful young man - who graduated from West Point -- served in the Military and is a rising star at a major company.

He's taking a "sabatical" from the corporate world to work on some non-profit and other projects that are meaningful to him.  This quote from an e-mail he just sent me sums up what he's about and what I believe the Innovation Engineering movement is all about...

"My personal mission is what led me to make the bold move and temporarily set aside my career to ensure I'm delivering on my purpose. I plan to "fail fast, fail cheap" with an emphasis on fast and cheap but without the fear of failure, but with the fear of not learning from it and the regret of not trying."

Needless to say - I'm ALL IN to help him!