Latest Thinking -- and Slides from Yesterday's Keynote on Innovation is Easy

Good Morning Innovation Leaders Attached at the website (Click on link to Labs website) is the slide deck from my speech yesterday at Norwich University in Vermont to their graduate school. It's a new way of thinking about our innovation movement -- it's been inspired by discussions with Dr. Deming's Grandson, Clare Crawford Mason, Bob Mason and from watching hours of video from Clare and Bob's - Deming Video Library.

It's also driven from my dinner on Tuesday night at Black Belt Brian Werneke's house - with Black Belt Patricia Giavara and with Black Belt in Training :) Joe Perrotto the CEO of Country Home Products.   The food (by Brian's brother) and wine (from Joe's Celler) were fantastic - the thinking and conversation by these three innovation thought leaders even more impressive.  I learned so much...

You'll note that the front half of the presentation is focused on the LEADER -- I said LEADER not LEADERS. It recognizes the fact that it is only the leader that can make the company commitment.

As I say on the slides - I don't know, i need help, I fail a lot. --- I'm counting on the members of the movement to help me get smarter with my thinking.

Lets debate, think, get smarter together!