Let's change the world AND....have one hell of a good time!

This morning Jesse Bechtold of Kansas USA posted a blog on the Brain Brew Cafe as he does every Saturday morning.  Brain Brew is a private blog for Innovation Engineering Black Belts and Blue Belts.   It impressed me so much I decided to repost it for the rest of the world to see... American writer E.B. White once said,

“I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time.  Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.”

The choice between changing the world and having one hell of a good time would be difficult…if they had to be mutually exclusive options.

At various times in the Brain Brew Café and on the Innovation News Blogs you have seen Innovation Engineering referred to as a “Movement” and the Black Belt Community referred to as “Pioneers”.  Pretty lofty terms.

Webster’s Online Dictionary defines a “movement” as a series of organized activities working toward an objective, an organized effort to promote or attain an end.

Likewise, a “pioneer” is a person or group that originates or helps open up a new line of thought or activity or a new method or technical development.

History has seen some very powerful movements.  Why, just in the United States we have had peace movements, equal rights movements and labor movements just to name a very few.  On the other hand, we have had some fairly small movements.  In Kansas City, for decades we have had a movement to bring light rail to our downtown.  In the accounting world there has been a movement to encourage more market value accounting for assets.  So nationwide social issues don’t own the term movement.

Look at the scope of innovation engineering.  Activities on our college campuses are increasing with new minor programs beginning across the country this fall and more making the commitment for future semesters.

Governments are involved with the United States Government endorsing the National Innovation Marketplace along with several State governments that have invested in their state marketplaces.

At the Inaugural Innovation Engineering Conference we met new friends from South Korea and old friends from Scotland and Canada.  We heard a success story from South Africa.

Consider the breadth of the Black Belt Community.  In the USA alone we have practitioners from Maine to California, Washington State to Virginia, Ohio to Texas and all points in between.  These practitioners work in small consultancies, large corporations, educational institutions and local government agencies.

All of us working to create a transformation of mindset by educating leaders in a new method of thinking.  A practical and proven method for growing a culture of never ending innovation with increased speed and decreased risk.

Like E.B. White, we get up in the morning wanting to make some change in the world.  We have confidence we can make that change, one person, one company at a time, growing rapidly as more pioneers accept the challenge of adopting the new mindset.

Like E.B. White, we get up in the morning wanting to have fun.  And by removing the fear of failure Innovation Engineering makes work fun.