Life is short - do something that matters today!

Late last night I read this quote

“These days I think you’ve got to talk about your value proposition - why are you so proud of your product?  And you’ve got to communicate that pride in ways that add up to a young generation that’s very well informed and very idealistic.
 The young care about where products come from. They care about what the company that makes the product actually odes in the world - or not. But you an’t fake it.  You have to say, screw business as usual and just do it.”
This from Richard Branson founder and CEO of Virgin
What this means is.....
....we need to trust the value of the truth.
... we need to trust the value of doing cool SH#t that matters!
We need to stop the marketing, the hype, the games and focus on making a meaningful difference in the world.
So what are you waiting for?
Get up, get out, do something that matters today!