Live Webinar: How to Decrease Innovation Risk by Failing FAST & CHEAP - Sep. 15th

The word Risk appears on slot machine wheels symbolizing the oddIf you are like many leaders, you may feel that innovation is risky - a slot machine has better odds.  But GOOD NEWS, there are proven methods to help you reduce the risk, making innovation less of a gamble.  In fact, the bigger gamble is doing nothing. In a 30 minute live webinar at 1PM EDT on Monday, Sep. 15 Maggie Nichols will provide practical tips on the methods we’ve discovered to Fail FAST Fail CHEAP® in order to decrease innovation risk.

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Content Pedigree:  Innovation Engineering was developed by the Eureka! Ranch R&D team based on scientific analysis of 28+ years of client projects.  Statistical analysis included quantitative concept data on over 26,000 Innovations and  innovation attitude and process data on over 11,000 innovation cultures.  At its root, Innovation Engineering is based on applying the systems thinking of Dr. W. Edwards Deming to innovation, and it’s a new field of study at universities.  It’s commercialized by the Innovation Engineering Institute, a Joint Venture of the Eureka! Ranch and the University of Maine. 

Presenter Pedigree:  The webinar will be lead by Maggie Nichols, President and COO of the Eureka! Ranch - the founding organization behind the Innovation Engineering Institute in partnership with the University of Maine.  Maggie has worked in innovation for over 15 years working with everyone from Fortune 50 multinationals, to governments, non-profits and start-ups.  She leads cultural transformations and pioneers new discoveries in the field through R&D.  When it comes to talking about innovation she’s fast, furious and genuinely passionate.