A Story of Millennial Frustration & a System for Dinner Success!

I'm writing this from Springbrook Prince Edward Island on the shore of New London Bay - looking out my window to the sand dunes of PEI National Park. This post tells a story of system frustration - then ends with a bonus - a SYSTEM (recipe) for a one pot - PEI Lobster Dinner!

This post was inspired by an informal email sent to me last night by a University student (millennial as they are called) who is interning this summer.  She is blending her Innovation Engineering training with her career passion -- I've edited the e-mail to hide her identity - as it's a very small world - and the details are not as important as her perceptions of her situation.

Had our first ________ day the other day-these people have had years to work on how to run these things and it was VERY clear that they STILL don't have any SYSTEM.  


ugggggggh those people that just don't get it-people stuck in their egos and not able to step back and look at the picture of what is happening and how they can help fit into it.  Yep, you have spoiled me.  But this is a case where you can't beat your head on a wall hoping it becomes a door so I shall try to teach them - but if they don't learn I will step back this summer and learn how not to run a ________ this way.

Systems - when we work on the system we find success.  When our ego's spark defensive debate and discussions and justifications for incompetence we fail.  94% of the PROBLEM is US - the leader of our organization / the leader of our life.

As promised, the Innovation Engineering movement continues to get smarter and smarter.  Over the last 100 days we have - after many hours of Fail FAST Fail CHEAP learning cycles -introduced major upgrades in our  systems for accelerating innovation, culture change and selling innovation.  However,  even within our community there are people who are still using 1.0 (they never made the leap to 2.0 not to mention 3.0).

Just because you learned the Beta version of projects, culture or sales - doesn't mean you understand the new version.   Many who do IE -- go through learning at the start and then settle in to a level of competence.  Sadly, they stop learning how to work smarter, more effectively and more efficiently!  The result is they never realize the full potential of what they can do - and frankly, what Innovation Engineering is all about.

Upgrade Definition:  We only use the full number upgrade (1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0) when there is a Meaningfully Unique improvement that would "scare us" if our competitor had the upgrade and we didn't :) 

Over the past 100 days we have introduced major upgrades in systems for Starting Up innovation success at Small & Large Companies.  The How to in 2 Hours® approach built into IEMS 2.0 rocks with small companies.  Innovation Engineering Accelerator 8.0 (yes the 8th version of our corporate offering) is an offering that is beyond anything I could have ever imagined when I founded Eureka! in 1986.   

We have also introduced a more effective system for Selling Innovation to customers  (small or large) or your fellow company managers.  It's easy to "sell" innovation if you follow IE Selling 3.0.  As an example - I personally trained a new Enterprise Licensee on the new system and within 48 hours he has found a vein of success -- a Small Company Licensee has sold 4 small companies and has his first IE Leadership Community.  Again - against this backdrop of success are many who learned from the various "road show" sales trainings that were offered - who have accepted a level of success that is 20% of what their success could be.   If you want to 5X your sales success call the Ranch.

We have also introduced a more reliable system for accelerating technology to market.  Innovation Marketplace 3.0 makes it much easier for Company R&D, Universities or Federal Labs to translate their technologies into business opportunities that they can commercialize.  The new system has a new business model for licensees, a dramatic reduction in fear of failure and frankly a streamlining of the work process that rocks!

If you joined the movement some time ago - or joined tried and failed - call us at the Ranch.

If you were taught 1.0 -- contact us to learn 2.0, 3.0 or 8.0. 

As I tell students on campus and off (in Innovation College) if you are frustrated for more than 15 minutes call us - email us - text us - we can help you.   Innovation should NOT be hard!

Back to PEI ---- we celebrated the fourth of July with a day of the sea.IMG_3542

We spent the day sailing on the Winnijean - then enjoyed the bounty of the sea for dinner with a one pot PEI lobster dinner.   It's easy to do - takes but one pot - and results in a melding of flavors that is as good or better than the best restaurant you've ever been to.


The one pot PEI Lobster Dinner - which itself is continually improving... is simple...

Step 1: Take a large pot - fill with 12 cups of water and a bottle of white wine - and bring to a boil on a gas burner.    If you have a steamer basket insert it.  You can find an example of the cooker and pot I use here.  You can cook up to 8 lobsters in the pot -- units below are for serving 8.

Step 2: Add 2.5 pounds of new potatoes (or cut large ones) wrapped in cheese cloth - cover and cook for 10 Minutes

Step 3: Add Lobsters - cover and cook for 10 Minutes

Step 4: Add 1) 8 ears of Corn husked and cut in half so that you can stick them into the nooks and crannies of the pot plus 2)  a in cheese cloth 4 celery stalks, 3) A cheese cloth with 2 lemons and 1 orange - quartered and sliced, head of garlic separated and a large bunch of thyme and 4) a cheese cloth 1.5 pounds of sausages either whole or diced - cover and cook for 5 Minutes

Step 5: Add 4 pounds of steamed clams wrapped in cheese cloth - cover and cook for 10 minutes

Step 6: Add 2 pounds of PEI :)  mussels wrapped in cheese cloth - cover and cook for 5 minutes

Check lobsters -- they are done when the tail snaps back quickly when you pull it back.

When finished - serve on a tray - or on newspaper on a picnic paper. IMG_3551

Serve with melted butter and Old Bay seasoning.

Best enjoyed - with White Wine, IPA or the Deming Martini - 3 fingers of Plymouth Gin over ice!  That's what I had last night - in honor of Dr. Deming - and his love of lobster.