Moving Fast (If You’re Ready…)

One of the tenants of web development is being able to move fast. A fast bug fix is a happy customer. If you’re too fast building features though, you’ll end up with too many bugs.


With the Innovation Engineering Labs website, we take pride in our ability to identify, fix, test, and deploy a fix for a customer pretty quickly. In fact, our average time from identifying to deploying a fix is 25-30 minutes. 

Being able to move fast like this isn’t just about being a good programmer - though that is definitely a plus.  The real star in this situation is the system.  Having a system in place and clear goals of the team can make anything possible.

Here is an example of the systems and things that help us get items resolved quickly for customers:

  1.  Proper tools to do our job (well)
  2. Checks and Balances to ensure what we change doesn’t affect other things negatively.
  3. Clear alignment on the mission and goals of the team, so they know that resolving a short term customer hiccup is more important than anything else they may be working on and allows them to pitch in to help.
  4. Proper means of communication. This includes internally between the team - as well as externally to the customer or entire user base.
  5. And Lastly - GREAT customers and clients that believe in our mission and are more than willing to provide feedback or assist in the diagnosing of an issue.

And maybe, if our team is lucky - we’ll be able to chat with you on our support chat for Innovation Engineering - not because you ran into an issue - but instead because you just wanted to say “Hi” while your company implements our system into yours.

What areas of your Systems for handling core maintenance tasks do you feel need improving? Let us know in the comments!