New - VIP VIO Blue Card™ Video

Hi Pioneers, If you have access to click on]

To view a newly posted video in the How to... section

It's a new Video on how the Blue Card™ works.

The new BLUE CARD - is arguably the biggest improvement in IE in the past 12 months.

The Blue Card was only released a few weeks ago and already stories are flowing in from IE Black Belts who have increased speed and quality of their innovation projects because of Blue Card.   As an example at the Ranch itself - our VIP VIO Blue Cards lead to a smarter decision yesterday and inspired a smarter idea today.

Bottom Line: Blue Card works!  Basically - what it does is create "focus, focus, focus"

COOL PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: Scott and Keith have created a really easy way connect pdf's and files with videos.   When you click on the Blue Card video - just to the right of the video player  (after it pops up) are templates that you can download with just one click.  For this video there is one for the Blue Card  and the worksheets shown in the video.

While you are inside the Video Player - check out some of the other videos.  Depending on your membership - Small Business, Enterprise, Black Belt - you get different sets of videos.

As always - if something doesn't make sense call the Ranch or me personally and we'll help you.  We have nothing more important to do then to teach you.

Have a great weekend!


Pssst.... Maggie P and I met with a Jack Hipple today for 4 hours.  Jack is big time expert on TRIZ .   I was blown away by the meeting.  Wait till you see the new TRIZ tools that Maggie and Jack are building!