Same Energy, Different End

Good Morning Pioneers,

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me... Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful... that's what matters to me. -Steve Jobs

It’s time to get going in the morning.

You go to get dressed. You normally wear the company polo shirt but today you decide the button down will do. It takes roughly the same energy to don either attire, but the resulting looks are different.

You go to have breakfast. You normally have instant oatmeal but today you’re feeling like shredded wheat. It takes roughly the same energy to prep either meal, but the resulting foods are different.

You go to drive to work. You normally take the sedan but today you decide on the SUV. It takes the same energy to drive either vehicle, but the resulting drive is different.

Now - you get to work and it’s time to figure out what to do next to increase those sales numbers. You decide to start an effort to do the same things as the competition to “just get to parody” rather than build a better mousetrap.

You assume that doing something better or different than the competition would require more energy than would doing the same thing as the competition. This is a fundamental assumption made in organization after organization that keeps us always in the ‘catch up’ position - never destined to get ahead.

But here’s the thing to remember - you have a CHOICE. And every choice you make has consequences. When you decide that your goal is to manage costs better you create a mindset of scarcity. When you decide that your goal is to offer meaningfully unique value you spark a mindset of abundance. When you invest all your energy on your company politics and "stuff" you have no energy left to excite and delight customers. When you decide to “just do parody” you create an expectation within your company and to your customers that you’re not capable do something better.

But what if you were to decide differently today? What if you were to decide that rather than be just as good with your new thing/effort/project - you decide to be better?

I don’t mean that figuring out a better way is easy. I also don’t mean that doing it the same as competition is easy.

But think of it this way...

You have to rally the troops anyway.

You have to get the resources anyway.

You have to do something different anyway.

You have to figure it out anyway.

If you have to find the energy anyway - why not spend the energy in such a way that earns you more rather than less. Why not spend it in a way that gets you ahead of the competition rather than one step behind?


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