Secret to Success with Innovation Engineering - LET'S GET STARTED

A year ago our #1 death threat was sustainability of the Innovation Engineering system.  


A recent survey of Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute (IELI) participants – a year later – shows that when companies USE the tools – their overall confidence grows.   This overall growth is combination of growth in CREATE and COMMUNICATE and a minor decline in COMMERCIALIZATION – though still way ahead of where they were before IELI.   (I will address the decline and what we can do to address it next week).


Most interesting of all is the second chart below on the right shows that those who GOT STARTED applying the learning in their business – have grown confidence much more than those who didn't apply it.


Therefore – as we enter into fall - LET'S GET STARTED. 


Your homework this week is to do one of these three things.


1. Post an Idea Request or Respond to one.   You can find them at


It's a painless way to get your brain thinking again about Insight, Market, Tech and Future Mining.    You can even download one of the tools – 666, Check List, TRIZ and give one of them a go – to create solutions for the Idea Request presented. Note: On Campus – Students in upper level Innovation Engineering Courses were challenged to use tools in all four quadrants to Create ideas to address Idea Requests.


2. Ask for Help.   E-mail me at – and we'll connect you to an Innovation Engineering Black Belt in your area – who will provide you with a FREE half day quantified assessment of where your company is versus proactive growth companies – AND – what you can do to get started on fixing it.  The assessment includes:  1) Confidential Employee Survey in advance, 2) Management conversation on 20 Key Questions and 3) Benchmarking of employee & management results during the half day session.  There is NO OBLIGATION – however, if you want to really change your organization – it's worth at least reviewing the Black Belt's Innovation Engineering Management System program.


3. Do ANYTHING.  A body in motion stays in motion.  Get started on any of the Innovation Engineering Tools you learned.  Call 3 customers and ask them "What would be such a wow you'd be willing to pay more money for it?" or go to the National Innovation Marketplace and review the 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS in Innovation Buying Requests and over $800 BILLION DOLLARS in Innovation Buying Opportunities.


HELP WANTED:  A company in southern Maine is looking for a someone to create and accelerate their Innovation Engineering program.  Contact me at the Ranch for more details.


BIGGEST Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute Yet:  September 26 to 28 over 300 people will attend the largest event yet – in Virginia.  A few seats are still available.


Back to the Homeland:  October 17 to 19 the Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute returns to Maine.  The event is in Freeport.   Visit for details


Good Luck!