Special One Month Event

Good Morning Pioneers, Today - at InnovationEngineering.org  for one month only - in honor of the 33rd anniversary of the NBC Special If Japan Can... Why Can't We? - you and your team can watch a one hour documentary - that tells the story of the transformation that Dr. Deming, Clare Crawford Mason and Lloyd Dobyns sparked.  (NBC owns the rights to the original video - and they are not making it available at this time).

This DVD is a part of a collection of over 22 hours of video that includes the Deming Library DVD series.  - that the Innovation Engineering Institute has acquired the rights to use for education purposes.   The collection is made possible through the gracious support of Clare Crawford-Mason, Bob Mason and Kevin Cahill, the grandson of Dr. Deming and Executive Director of The W. Edwards Deming Institute.  To purchase this or other DVD's visit www.deming.org

Here's the Official Announcement of this month's special PUBLIC airing

Celebrating the 33rd Anniversary of the Television Special  That Changed the Western World

The following documentary, “How Everybody Wins: Finding Joy, Meaning and Profit in the Workplace,” is being presented for one month to honor the anniversary of the June 24, 1980 premiere of “If Japan Can … Why Can’t We?” an NBC White Paper in which the quality and innovation methods of Dr. W. Edwards Deming were introduced to corporate America and sparked the Quality Revolution.

The Japanese credit Dr. Deming with teaching them in the 1950s to “work smarter not harder” and become the first producers of continually improving cars and electronics.  “How Everyone Wins” explains Dr. Deming’s ideas and is an introduction to begin to apply them in manufacturing, service, schools, hospitals, and government agencies.

We are pleased to be able to broadcast this video with permission of producer Clare Crawford-Mason.  Ms. Crawford-Mason, the producer of “If Japan Can … Why Can’t We?” later collaborated with Dr. Deming to produce the authoritative rendering of his management philosophy in DVD documentary format.

Kevin Cahill, the grandson of Dr. Deming and Executive Director of The W. Edwards Deming Institute (www.deming.org), recalls watching the premier of “If Japan Can … Why Can’t We?” with his grandfather, and witnessing his grandfather spending the following day accepting a rush of telephone calls from leaders of American industry.  A number of American corporations have successfully applied these ideas.  Ford CEO Allan Mulally says: “My entire business approach is based on Deming’s Continual Quality Improvement Forever foundation….  It is really gaining momentum here at Ford."

We are delighted that Mr. Cahill has allowed us to provide the following documentary in DVD for a limited time to celebrate a pivotal point in the history of American management and quality.  This DVD, as well as others related to Dr. Deming’s teachings, is available for purchase at www.deming.org

Once again... to see the video, visit: InnovationEngineering.org