Spring Cleaning


The Lemmon household is getting ready to move. While packing I was reminded of all the things in my house. Opening some closets and cabinets felt like Christmas morning, because I had no idea what treasures I might find. Books, games, calculators, and musical instruments all got boxed up as I look forward to using them in the new house. I noticed how some of things I’m packing were getting worn out. This made me think about replacing them with a better version. I also found plenty of junk that I haven’t used in years. It felt good to donate it or throw it away to make space for new things. I could have just boxed everything up and moved it to the new house, but there is value in spending the time to go through it all.

We do a create exercise called “Picking the Garbage” where teams read through old ideas and see if it sparks new ideas. Just like cleaning house, people discover things they never knew existed and envision what they could do with them. Old ideas and technologies get upgraded versions and just like cleaning house, some things go in the trash.

I think it is time to take a look in your innovation pipeline. Odds are good that there are some projects that need to be archived. Read through some archived projects and see if there is anything worth revisiting. This will cost you some time, but you never know what you might find while doing a little spring cleaning.