Stop - Order - READ THIS BOOK!

Hi friends,  Peter Brown - a participant in Innovation College this past week recommended with great enthusiasm that I read the book EXTREME OWNERSHIP - How US Navy Seals LEAD and WIN.   


When you read it - you will find alignment between the principles taught and the systems for Enabling Innovation By Everyone, Everyday that make up Innovation Engineering.  At it's core the message is the system thinking of Dr. W. Edwards Deming.   It's what Dr. Deming taught the Japanese in 1950 and the Western World in the early 80's.   It's about leaders being real LEADERS - it's about Enabling and Trusting those under you to lead - it's about Alignment on a common aim - it's about being comfortable with failure as a part of rapid cycles of learning.

To give you an quick idea of the content - here's a list of the chapter names / principles taught

      No Bad Teams, Only Bad Leaders


      Check the Ego

      Cover and Move


      Prioritize & Execute

      Decentralized Command


      Leading UP and Down the Chain of Command

      Decisiveness amid Uncertainty

      Discipline Equals Freedom


Innovation Engineering provides a tactical system - a means  - to execute the principles taught in the book

To help connect the dots - between the book and Innovation Engineering … from what the book outlines on page 207
Define the Mission - Identify Resources/constraints  = BLUE CARD
Decentralize Planning Process, Determine Specific Course of Action, Empower Key Leaders to develop plans  = YELLOW CARD
Plan for Contingencies, Mitigate Risks, Delegate portions of the plan = Cycles of Learning / Death Threats
Stand back and be the Tactical Genius - Management Coach
Continually check and question the plan against, emerging information - Check Lists - What/Why/How
Brief the Plan to all participants - Project Update Meetings
Conduct debriefs - What did you Learn? 
To learn more about how to enable innovation  attend our fourth annual International Innovation Engineering Conference.
It’s a free online event  June 22, 2016 from 9 am EST to 5:00 pm EST.
Rock and Roll and Happy Fathers Day,
Somewhere in Heaven - Merwyn "Buzz" Hall - my Dad - is smiling!
p.s. Eureka! Ranch staff you don't need to order the book - I already have - you will have it on Monday  :)