Thank You for YOUR Tireless Investment of Time & Energy in Reigniting American Innovation & Growth

Good Morning Innovation Pioneers,  It's hard - it's really HARD to get people to take meaningful action on innovation.

Industry after industry in the USA has died because they didn't innovate.

You the community of Innovation Engineering pioneers are making it happen.

This past week I learned an amazing fact.

You have coached, lead, ignited the creation and DEFINITION of

$4.169 BILLION in Innovations

These are ideas that have been defined and entered into the Innovation Engineering Labs web portal.

And, as you know it takes work - hard work - to go from "talking innovation" and taking tangible action.  Doing the math, defining the customer, the promise, the proof, the death threats.

YOU - the pioneers are the ones making this happen.

Given that no one has ever done this before on planet earth - we can't say if this is a great number or not.

However - I think it's fair to say that you can all feel good about the Return on Investment you are getting from the Time, Energy and Money you are investing in your organizations in training, coaching and leading the change.

AND IT APPEARS TO BE ACCELERATING.  The chart to the right details usage of the Innovation Engineering Labs digital hub per month.   This is the data on registered users INSIDE the portal - not the "public pages."  Again, we don't know what good is - but the trends are clearly very, very encouraging.

Thank you to all of you.

We at the Eureka! Ranch can't do this.

YOU - the people on the front lines are doing this