Thank You & Two Gifts to You!

What a difference a year makes. Today we wind up the Innovation Engineering Conference.    It's exceeded my expectations by an order of magnitude.    Thank you to everyone who made it possible - everyone at the Innovation Engineering Institute - the Eureka! Ranch, University of Maine and most importantly to the community of Innovation Engineering pioneers.  YOU made this possible.  The future is bright!

In celebration I've attached links to DropBox of two gifts.

Gift 1. Is the Innovation Engineering song by Donnalou Stevens - Everybody's Got Wings!   It's a celebration of our mission to Change the World through systems that ENABLE innovation by everyone everywhere everyday... resulting in increased speed to market and decreased risk.   The download is an MP4 Movie (in two sizes) that includes images of the pioneers who have helped us get to where we are.  There will be more photos added - as we get them and as the community grows!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Everybody's Got Wings in video or audio only format.

As we talked at the conference - the key to success is to blend scientific management with participatory leadership - to blend analytical thinking with system thinking - to blend the mindsets of the "east" and the "west"


Gift 2. Is a digital copy of my book North Pole Tenderfoot - thanks to my publisher - for a limited time we're making it available as a free download by clicking here.   You can add it to your tablet, etc.   It's a great way to "chill out" when the summer heat hits you!   It's a story about courage, passion and mission - with more than a few laughs along the way.

Here are the lyrics to the song.


Everybody’s Got Wings

A voice unspoken is a voice unheard

A song not sung deserves your words.

A vision unseen might pass you by.

and Wings won’t grow til you choose to fly.


Everybody's Got Wings. Everybody can fly.

Everybody's got a song to sing inside.

Everybody can dance, if given a chance.

Everybody's got a gift to bring.

Everybody's got wings.

A past forgotten is freedom’s friend

Can you let your self  be born again

and can you give your dreams your new found wings

and let the world hear your voice ring


lada die die die, spread your wings and fly

lada die die die, and fly

Together we’ll fly across the sky

bringing light to the darkest night

We’ll fly to the moon and then beyond

and the dreams we’ve dreamed will carry on.



After a quick trip to Europe - I'm on my way to Prince Edward Island to go sailing!