The April Fool - The April Thinker



The April Fool  believes that by doing the same thing they can get different results. The April Thinker knows that change is the only certainty - they embrace it, ignite it and encourage it.

The April Fool believes that if it's not broke don't fix it.  The April Thinker knows that when you find out it's broke it's too late - to the proactive go the rewards.

The April Fool believes that CONTROL creates smarter creativity.  The April Thinker knows that creativity comes from ENABLING employees and  that part of enabling is giving strategic direction to What ideas are needed, Why they are needed and being transparent about constraints.

The April Fool over rates the value of expertise.  They believe that qualitative conversation are statistically reliable.  The April Thinker knows that the ONLY way to reduce risk is with data - quantitative data statistically analyzed. Anything else is gambling.

The April Fool believes that the mission of the company is to make money.  The April Thinker knows that making money is a consequence of a mission that is meaningful - meaningful to the customer, company and most important of all to the employees who make the mission happen.

The April Fool believes that employees are motivated by financial bribes.  The April Thinker knows that the only true motivation is when people are doing "Cool Sh#$% that Matters!"

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