The Edge of Uncertainty

Good Morning Innovation Pioneers, This summer I've been deep into writing my 6th book.  This one is focused on Innovation Engineering.   Taking inspiration from Hemingway I write each morning.   In the afternoon and evening I do something not connected with the book to give my mind time to process my thinking.

This has included working on some client projects, some sailing and cooking.  My latest adventure in cooking is wood fired cooking as is done in Argentina.   This new passion was fueled by Argentinian Chef Francis Mallmann.   His book Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way opened up a whole new way of cooking for me.

I've become so fanatic -- I invented and had welded at a local job shop a new type of wood grill.  And yes - before you ask I'm preparing a patent application on it :)

And here's a photo of some local Canadian Lobsters being cooked on my grill last month. LobsyterFire

This type of cooking is not for the faint of heart.  It involves high heat and lots of courage.  Last night we had friends over and I tossed the tomatoes and cheese in a cast iron grill pan over the fire - they quickly "charred" the look of shock on my guests face was priceless.   When I served they hesitated - after one taste they were back for more.   Here's a link to the recipe.    The key to success is to have courage... when you think it's time to flip it's not... wait longer.

I was first inspired with Mallmann's approach by a video on Netflix as part of their Chef's Table series.   You can find it with a quick search of Netflix.

The complete video tells an inspiring story of how he was taught in France and then went against French Cooking to blaze a path of his own.   Like all of us he's not a perfect human.  He has flaws. However there is much that can be learned from his creative approach.

Here's how Francis summed it up near the end of the show.

My life has been a path at the edge of uncertainty. Today I think we educate kids to be settled in a comfortable chair. You have your job, you have your little car, you have a place to sleep, and the dreams are dead. You don’t grow on a secure path. All of us should conquer something in life. And it needs a lot of work. In order to grow and to improve you have to be there at the edge of uncertainty. "

You can see and here him saying this on YouTube - here's a link.

I've watched this video 4 times this summer.  It's given me new ideas for cooking and inspiration for telling the story of Innovation Engineering in new ways.   It's inspired me to challenge myself to push my boundaries - to be there at the edge of uncertainty.

Today my challenge to you is to - go for it.... be there at the edge of uncertainty in your life somehow, somewhere.

From Springbrook,  Prince Edward Island