The First Innovation Engineering Podcast

Hello Innovation Pioneers, Attached to this post is the first Innovation Engineering Podcast.

I believe that will need to click on link from e-mails to get to it.

My understanding - is that you can listen to the podcast directly from the website - or you can download it to your computer - or you can sign up for it at iTunes and have it sent to you automatically.

As this is all new - we will learn it together.

Podcast #1 - is the "Ask Doug" questions from the start of Day 2 of the most recent Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute.  It was recorded live on November 30, 2012 in Little Rock Arkansas.

I accept all responsibility for the recording and sound quality - I did the recording and preparation of the file myself - as I felt it was important for me to learn and understand the process.

As they usually are at Leadership Institutes - the questions are rather provocative.  Most are written by skeptics.  

My answers are explicit.  In the style of Deming, Conway and Peters - I tell what I believe to be the truth.

Those of you who have attended the Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute - will probably find the recording takes you back to when you were sitting at your institute.

While the Podcast is brought to you by the Innovation Engineering Alliance of the NIST/MEP Network, the University of Maine and the Eureka! Ranch - the opinions expressed on this podcast are mine and mine alone.

Enjoy  - and please - post your comments, ideas, advice and reactions.

The new and improved 2012 Edition of the Innovation Engineering Leadership institute kicks off in Cincinnati on January 17th - Ben Franklin's Birthday.   As the Eureka! Ranch is also in Cincinnati - we anticipate it will be particularly big celebration.  To sign up visit