The iTunes of Innovation Engineering has arrived

OK I said it And I believe it.

As iTunes was the key to accelerating IPods and the digital music revolution... too - Invention Blueprints™ is going to accelerate Innovation Engineering and the Innovation Mindset.

Before iTunes anyone with a little knowledge could put any music into their iPod. After iTunes the process is easy enough for anyone to do - it is fast and goof proof.

Before Invention Blueprints anyone with a little training could do Tech Mining. After Invention Blueprints the process is easy enough for anyone to do - it is fast and goof proof.

I was given an advance release of the Invention Blueprints video that Maggie Nichols posted earlier today.

The reaction among those in industry, academics and government who are knowledgeable about how innovation works has been thunderous.

In three different presentations the audience broke into spontaneous applause - not something that normally happens when you introduce a web portal upgrade :).

A Government Leader said

“This is amazing - it is exactly what we need to accelerate innovation.”  

He spoke about setting a goal that every company he funds has a technology - no technology no funding.

An Academic Researcher with a bias for commercializing said

“This will 5X the amount of projects we can do.  Now instead of raw R&D - I will scan the Flea Market Blueprints each week - buy them - then extend them by building an invention on top of them (patent stacking).”

A Corporate Leader said

“Now for the first time I see a way to make all this ‘Open Innovation’ rhetoric a reality.”

Here’s just a few of the ways you can use it:

Established Company Acceleration:   Work with the CEO of a company to get Blue Cards identifying the Very Important Opportunities they have with new and current customers.   Then do mining to find the 3 to 6 categories (out of the 150,000 listed) that match.   Create a spark deck with the Free Blueprints - doing a quick translation to make it easy for them to understand and hold a CREATE session.

If any opportunities with Flea Market Blueprints are available focus, focus, focus as these are limited time opportunities. If you need help with negotiating contact Ranch we can help guide you as we are actively doing it now - an advanced class and templates is in the works.

Incubator & Start Up Acceleration:  Same process as above - however here we are focusing them more on turning their idea into own able intellectual property.  In this case you might well end up acquiring or synthesizing a “patent stacking” opportunity.

Displaced Workers looking to start a company:  Have them identify their passions and skills - then link those to categories among the 150,000 listed.  And hey - don’t forget your friends and relatives - use it to help them too.

Selling Managers Inside & Outside The Company:   Use the database as a means for sparking conversations.  Especially the Patent Flea Market opportunities as they have a time date and urgency.   Key to this is to not “sell” or “presume” but rather to soft educate “I found this opportunity and thought of you - only you would know if it worked for you.’

Retirement & Investment Opportunities for YOU:  Keep an eye out on Patent Flea Market for inventions that could become your retirement or investment opportunities for you personally.  And yes - if you need help on these I am happy to help you navigate the process .:)

And that’s just the start - a couple of community and investment groups are talking to me about other ways to leverage the database - that I can’t share right now.   They are WICKED COOL!

This is going to be a ton of Fun!

Rock and Roll