The Missing Link

Whether we’re working on a new project, improving an existing project, or trying to fix an issue that occurred - eventually we get to a point where we’ve tried something, got results, and now need to make a decision.  Time and time again when people get to this point they jump to a conclusion and take the easy path forward.  It makes sense, we want to follow the path of least resistance and why should we put in extra work when there’s an obvious answer that so clearly seems to be right.  

The problem is, just because it appears to be the right answer doesn’t mean it actually is and by always taking the easy path we can end up making the wrong decisions throwing us way off track.  But, figuring out the real answer is hard and takes a lot of time and even then sometimes the obvious answer will be the right one.  So how do we overcome the time and effort requirements?  It’s simple, unlock your inner seven year old and let loose your curiosity.


Curiosity, it’s such small thing that has a massive impact.  With curiosity it’s no longer painful to take the time to research and question the results we get until we fully understand them.  Curiosity unlocks our brains to want to dig deeper and explore just to learn more.  Sadly, we all lost it at some point as we were growing up.  Instead of being a child that’s curious we become adults that just want to find the right answer and once we find something that seems right we call it done.   

I challenge you to be curious, don’t just accept the first thing that comes along and seems like the answer but question it and dig deeper.  Spend just 30 minutes a week learning about something.  It doesn’t matter what it is just something you know nothing about, watch videos about it, read articles about it, and just learn for the purpose of learning.  Slowly we can all bring our curiosity back, it’s still there inside us we just need to unlock it again.