The problem with ONE Mindset Managers

I’ve recently realized that the majority of managers, leaders and even investors have just one MINDSET.   They see every challenge the same way.  No matter what the problem they turn to the same solution that once in their career was successful. 

The problem with this “one solution for all” approach is obvious.   As a friend said recently - the problem is that most business problems are more complex then they appear on the surface and most leaders don’t want to get emotional engaged in thinking through the root causes of challenged. 

The need to invest the time and energy to THINK DEEPER and to not use a “one size fits all” approach came to life last week when over three days I was deeply involved in three totally different business situations.   In brief….

  1. Consulting with a Fortune 20 Company on how to improve their innovation system tool kit
  2. Creating a strategy to help a mind sized industrial company compete versus giants 
  3. Working in the Eureka! Ranch garage with our Brain Brew Whiskey Craft Spirits company on new business models for accelerating sales and profits. 

None of these business situations were the same.  Each required the investment of THINKING - I could not simply “skip over the surface.”  In fact with the Fortune 20 Company I didn’t listen closely enough at the start and almost missed a key little detail about their situation that is absolutely critical.  Fortunately I quickly caught myself. 

Each situation offered different leverage points and Death Threats.   From these encounters and ones previous to these I’ve learned to be flexible and open to MANY MINDSETS.  I’ve learned to listen deeply, ask lots of questions, to not assume and to remember my role is to educate and enable their visions - not to “take over”.   

Sadly, many managers, leaders and investors are not willing to invest the time and energy to really understand the unique opportunities that lie within every industry, company and culture. 

Have a great day today. 

Stop, Think. Listen and Learn