The Real Reason America Is Losing Competitiveness

The presidential election in the USA is a time where much debating goes on about the state of the nation. There is evidence that much of American industry is facing unprecedented pressure on profitability.  People believe that things are just not as good as they used to be.   Facts support this conclusion... "Invented in America" is indeed declining as today more USA patents go to people who live outside or were born outside of the USA.

A possible root cause is a shift from a culture of people who innovate to one that manages.

In working on my next book I found the graph below.  It's from the National Center for Education Statistics.  It indicates that since 1970 the percentage of bachelor degrees in the USA doubled for business and declined by 50% for engineering.


Business management doesn't create profitability.  Innovations that are Meaningfully Unique creates profitability.   Proprietary breakthroughs - that the competition can't offer creates profitability.

If you're not Meaningfully Unique you Better Be Cheap.

Interestingly - despite declining by 50% Engineers are still more likely to achieve the CEO position in companies.  According to Spencer Stuart 33% of S&P 500 CEO's undergraduate degree was in engineering and only 11% in business administration.  The Harvard Business Review list of the most effective CEO's finds that engineering is the leading field of study for the best of the best CEOs.

To be clear, I'm not against business.  I love business.  However, without technology in today's world we are done.    That's why studying Innovation Engineering is so important on campus or off.

When students blend a business degree with a minor in Innovation Engineering ... or a Masters in Innovation Engineering they are enabled to create, communicate and commercialize innovations that are Meaningfully Unique.   With Innovation Engineering campus and executive programs you learn the thinking, mindset and problem solving skills that engineering students are taught.   Most important, just as engineering is "applied science" with Innovation Engineering you learn how to apply your Innovation System learning to the real world.

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Doug Hall