The Revolution Has Begun -- We are Past the Tipping Point

Hello Innovation Leaders, January 27, 2010 - the Innovation Engineering Movement began at Sugarloaf Ski Resort.

Today, thanks to a collection of pioneers the movement is past the tipping point and is gaining momentum.

Governors in three states are asking for help in reigniting innovation within their state departments, state universities and the companies in their states.

The US Patent & Trademark Office is helping the movement.  Thanks to Roger Kilmer (NIST MEP), Jake Ward ( U Maine) and Ohio Senator Rob Portman we have connected with David Kappos - head of the PTO.  When David and his top people learned about the Innovation Engineering Movement - NIST MEP's commitment to reigniting Innovation & Growth - he was as he said "We're all in!" -- and I can say from personal experience he's been good to his word.  The service we are getting from the US PTO is first class.   Soon we will have some incredible new tools to help you the Innovation Leaders.

And there are more people jointing the movement --- some very, very exciting people are joining - that will be announced soon.

THE WORLD IS "GETTING IT" - It appears that the top leaders of the world's most significant manufacturing companies are seeing the urgency and need to reignite innovation and growth.  A survey of 241 of the top leaders of the world's most significant manufacturing companies finds......  Global Manufacturing Outlook survey by KPMG International.

1.  The study finds that Profitable Growth is the new manufacturing mantra.

Since 2011, the proportion of survey respondents worldwide for whom top-line growth is a priority has doubled.  All signs point to a manufacturing sector that is entering a transformative period. As evidenced by the findings of our survey, it seems that manufacturers are in the early stages of major product innovation. Today they are keenly aware that while shrewd cost management will always be near the top of the agenda, their top-line and bottom-line growth objectives can only be met with innovative, market leading products and related services. In this regard, we are beginning to see interesting developments in the alliances companies are forming to explore and commercialize their collective intellectual property and product development capabilities.

2. The Innovation Engineering focus on COLLABORATION to Diversify Thinking - inside and outside the organization is a major trend for Manufacturing.

Another predominant theme this year is the continuing shift towards increased customer and supplier collaboration, from the earliest stages of product development to after-market support and services.This inclusive approach to innovation helps to share potential risks, costs, and rewards throughout the supply chain while accelerating speed to market. It also allows manufacturers to better understand the needs of their end-users, strengthen customer relationships, add value to their products, and build confidence that they are placing the right betson the right products for the right markets. You will see more on this in the future -- as we introduce reliable systems for transforming how companies approach to their product supply chain.  We are in development of Innovation Supply Chain systems that collaborate with existing product supply chains.

Have a great day