The Secret of GREAT Innovators - exposed


Great Innovators - the ones that create big ideas that customers are willing to pay more money for - have a secret source for inspiration. And that source is a patent database.

Patent databases contain detailed 'blueprints" as we call them for how to invent just about anything.  AND - when you take two to 6 of these patent blueprints and put them together - you can't help but be inspired to create fresh ideas that can make a difference in your world.

Patents give you the background and step by step instructions for how to make the impossible possible. There are commercial databases designed for patent professionals. They work for everyone - if you have a little patience.

To make it easier for or “ordinary” people to search and find inspiration from patents we’ve created a new type of patent database.   It’s called Patent ROI 3.0 -it’s a dramatically upgraded database designed to deliver faster and more accurate patent searches and alerts.    It has three unique features

  1. PAIN FREE - Separation of FREE, FLEA MARKET & CURRENT PATENTS:  This makes it painless for you to find “free technology” i.e. patents n the public domain - to build ideas from.  It also makes it easy to find Flea Market patents that you can buy at a cheap price - because the inventor has given up on them and not paid maintenance fees that are due.  (This happens about 250,000 times a year).
  1. 50X Faster Patent Finding:  A unique patent carousel - allows you to rotate with  one click through patents (name, abstract and drawing) to find the ones you really need.
  1. Enabling Provisional Patent Writing In About An Hour:  This new database will help enable a new form of intelligent patent writing.  As you answer questions and define your invention it enables background searching of the patent database.  This

Historically - we have used a US Patent data stream provided by Google through a deal with the US Department of Commerce. This stream was useful but required lots of "cleaning."   The new data stream comes direct from the Department of Commerce and is a massive upgrade.

To learn more about Patent ROI and other ways to enable innovation with increased speed and decreased risk - attend our fourth annual International Innovation Engineering Conference.  It’s a free online event  June 22, 2016 from 9 am EST to 5:00 pm EST.


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Doug Hall