Thought you'd all want to know

Dear Friends, On friday, Erick James - Certified I.E. Black Belt - was in a very bad car crash.

You many not know Erick - but it's likely you know his work.

He's the genius behind the sales pipeline video that shows "How Innovation Engineering Works."

I learned about the crash Saturday morning from Don Wiesenforth also an IE Black Belt who works with Erick at the Center for Economic Development in Albany New York. He's also an incredible friend of Erick's.   I'VE COPIED BELOW THE NOTICE that Don posted on the Black Belt blog today as I thought all of you who have been part of Innovation Engineering would want to read it.   With Innovation Engineering - we talk about meaningfulness.   This weekend as I've reflected on this it's clear that meaningfulness is much more than a slogan.

Erick is a very special person, with special gifts and a heart that gives and gives to help others.

Over 350 times he's taken time to reach out and help others through responding to Idea Requests or to Black Belt requests.

A few weeks ago I reached out to Erick for help with a new guided excursion for sharing with the students here at U Maine.   He responded to the request with his classic energy and before I knew it he created and recorded what he calls the IE Body Scan Excursion to guide all of us in stopping and listening to the little voice within us.  I've posted it at the BLOG Page for you to download or play.  It's received a very positive reception on campus - the quote below is from one student's reflection on it.

My challenge is that my capstone project is dominating my life. I'm worried that we don't have a good grip on what we need to get done and don't have any goals. b. Insight that came to me from this exercise is that we will figure it out. We will get it done. There are a bunch of resources, we just need to ask questions. c. From this excursion found that focusing on breathing and relaxing is going to help me cope with my stress. I need to keep my anxiety to a minimum because it's contagious. The exercise gave me a good coping mechanism to relax.  (IE STUDENT)

Erick has a journey ahead of him.  A journey that he will not go on alone.   Myself, the Ranch and we the community are with him.   Please join me in wishing Erick well - and sending along your thoughts and prayers - either by posting on this blog - mailing Erick at the address below or by emailing me and I'll pass along.   Also - feel free to use the Body Scan Excursion and give him feedback on it - he loves to learn.


Don's Post from Brain Brew Black Belt Blog

PROOF: There is a God.

This past Friday, my great friend and colleague Erick James was involved in a very serious single car crash on an icy mountainside.  Apparently hitting black ice, Erick’s car launched off a bend in the road through the air and into a tree that did not want to budge.

Erick somehow survived.  The air bags did their job, the Acura car frame did what it was supposed to do and thankfully he was wearing his seatbelt.  EJ is recovering at one of the best hospitals in New York State, if not the country in Albany Medical Center.

The impact left him with two severely broken feet (toes, heel etc), laceration of the tibia and several broken bones in his face.  To date internal organs are functioning properly.   He has undergone one surgery so far but will face several more over the coming weeks, months and faces a hefty recovery.  Despite all this Erick’s wit, charm and humor has remained intact and the hospital staff unknowingly is in the process of becoming our next Innovation Engineering client…

As many of you know, Erick is a professional comedian who travels the country making people laugh.  Well, I think this is an opportunity to send a little Innovation Engineering love and humor back to Erick if you are so inclined.  We have already shared a number of laughs (two left feet, catheter jokes, wired jaw, diminished mental capacity…).

The Address is

Albany Medical Center Room 423

43 New Scotland Avenue

Albany NY

It is an unbelievable gift to be able to write this post, it could have very easily been one which no one would ever want to write.  Erick is incredibly lucky, as are we.