Three New IE Resources for Increasing Speed and Decreasing Risk

Good Morning Innovation Pioneers, This week I was at the Eureka! Ranch teaching Innovation College with Maggie, Greg and Jill.

We had a dynamic group of pioneers - from Canada, Scotland, USA, Small, Medium and Big Company as well as thought leaders from the Academic world.

The formal learning - and informal sharing at Thresfield's Pub was some of the deepest ever.

to be inspiring.

This class was also the last step in experimentation for three new resources that we are proud to announce today.    You can see videos on each of these resources on the homepage of

Resource #1:  New MarketGPS 

This is a new tool - that we are releasing initially to everyone - that makes it easy to find industries where you could adapt your resources for greater profitability.   Just like Invention Blueprints - it's a "Big Data" tool that helps you increase innovation speed and decrease risk. You can see a video on this new offering on the home page of

For those of you with Innovation Engineering Labs memberships you can find the tool under the TOOLS Tab ---- inside the SYSTEMS Folder.

Resource #2 Innovation Engineering Overview Video

This gives you a quick overview of the Innovation Engineering system in about three and a half minutes.  Obviously it doesn't explain the 4 college courses and 48 skills that are behind the movement.  Rather, it provides a narrative to help executives quickly get an overview of the scope of the movement.   To view the video click on the home page of

Resource #3 Innovation Engineering Executive Program EVENT SCHEDULE

Dr. Deming famously said "How could they know?" Innovation Engineering Executive Program teaches executive teams a new way of thinking about innovation.

The Innovation Engineering Executive Program is a 1.5 day training program where you and your team of up to 6 executives learn the fundamentals of how to lead and manage innovation as a “system” that delivers increased speed and decreased risk.  The Program is an “Executive Summary” course designed to make senior executives literate in a new innovation mindset with a particular focus on what their role is in the process.

NOTE: This is very different from the Innovation Engineering Workshops where participants get

We are now taking bookings for a global series of Executive Programs to be held across the world in partnership with Innovation Engineering Companies, Network providers, universities and partners.  If you are interested in having an event at your location contact Rory at the Ranch at 513 310-6374, email me or click on This LINK.    The cost for the event is included as part of your Innovation Engineering Network or Company agreement.

There is an event in December at the Ranch but there is only a few seats left and a number of companies are considering the date.  To learn more click here.

At the Home page will see a new video player that in addition to the new IE Overview and New Market GPS videos also features the Invention Blueprint and famous Erick James Pipeline Video.  All of the Video's and the player are also available to all members of the Innovation Engineering Network - to add to their web sites. 

I'm off to London today to meet with Sir Silence Dogood, do some corporate work and give a talk at a Business Conference in London. Sir Dogood is infamous on these pages for his provocative emails.  You can read one here.    As you can see from his recent email -  I expect  my meeting with him will result in some provocative blog material.




Dear Dr. Hall,

As you take the stage at The Royal Opera House this Thursday we ask that you please connect  with your Proper Canadian heritage rather than your Revolutionary heritage.   Please don't incite a revolutionary mindset among our managers. After a difficult summer we have successfully used our strategic planning process to kill all crazy thoughts of innovation.  We say this because your recent tweet "If a brand can't hold price, it's a commodity" is quite simply inflammatory.  There is no need for this type of radical discourse.  

We encourage you to connect with your Mum as we did a quick check on your pedigree because  pedigree is so very, very important in civilized nations.  A quick check at the College of Arms found you had a registered Coat of Arms and pedigree.  Reading it we were surprised to learn that you are of proud British stock.  You are Canadian and  your forefather Jacob Holder fought gallantly with Charles Cornwallis during that nasty incident in the Colonies.  After the war ended in 1783 Jacob was honored by the King as an Empire Loyalist and granted land on the Saint John River in Canada.   Not only was your grandfather's line grand - your grandmothers line from Thurso Scotland was also proper. 

Sadly, further digging - that you did not admit in your application to the College of Arms -  shows that on your father's side things are less positive.  You have the blood of Lyman Hall in your veins. As I am sure you are aware Lyman was one of the instigators of the revolution as a signer of the Declaration of Independence.    This now explains your biological challenges with proper thinking. 

Fortunately, the  gentlemen from the club on Pall Mall are progressive.  We look forward to meeting with you and saving you from your misguided heritage.    I do hope you've packed proper clothes and shoes for your visit.  We look forward to showing you the world of civilized gentlemen.  I hope to see you at the Macallan Masters of Photography event in London on Monday Evening.  And I will be at The Royal Opera House in Thursday.


Silence Dogood


Craven Street Enterprises