Today is The Day To Become the Person you Dreamed You Would Be

Yesterday on the banks of the Saint John River, my Cousin Deb inspired the following blog post.  Enjoy… VET_3168

Inside everyone is a little voice.  A voice that speaks solutions to the problems of life.  As youth we embrace the voice.  As new employees we listen to the voice.  However - we soon learn the cultural norms, in our organization, in our world regarding our ideas.    The cultural norms are passed from person to person. “That will never happen.” “Calm down.” “Get Real.”  “Accept Reality.”

Soon we train ourselves to not listen to the voice.  And, become part of the chorus that teaches others to ignore the voices that they hear.

Without conversations on the ideas that the voice speaks, the problems of life continue.   From these problems a new voice emerges.  A voice of whining, complaining and blame. The new voice makes us feel good about ourselves because clearly “it’s not our fault.”   I could really do my job…really do a better job if ________ would just ____________ or ____________ would just __________.

Enough is enough.  It’s time to confront reality. It’s time to take responsibility for yourself and the communities that you are a part of.  It’s time to reject the voices of NO and to return to trusting your ideas.

Most important of all it’s time to realize your dreams of youth.  The dreams of what your future would be.  Dreams of what you intended for your career.  Dreams of the difference in the world you were going to make.  Dreams of what kind of spouse, a parent and as a citizen of the world you were going to become.

This moment is the time to return to your dreams of youth and take action on them.  The process starts with listening to and trusting in your ideas.

From experience I’ve learned that it is not enough to simply tell people to listen to their ideas.   Proclamations by CEO’s to innovate, digital suggestion boxes and corporate social networks don’t create action on ideas.

The root cause of non action is very simple.  The people don’t know what to do.  They don’t know how to separate what is a big idea from a mirage of an idea.   They don’t know how to communicate their ideas.  They don’t know how to test, refine and revise their idea.  They don’t even know what kind of ideas the leadership is looking for.

Dr. Deming said a mission without a method is madness.  So it is not enough to simply say listen to the voice and take action.  The question is by what method should you do that.

Innovation Engineering is a method helping you become the person you dreamed you would be.

Innovation Engineering is a new field of study focused on democratizing innovation from a field dominated by gurus to a mindset and capability of everyone, everyday. It’s a movement of some 26,000 on campus and off.  It’s a movement with over $8 billion in ideas in active development. To learn more about it visit or call in the USA 513.271.9911.

To get engaged – attend the Innovation Engineering Executive Program August 14 – 15 in Cincinnati or to really get engaged attend Innovation College the week of August 25 – you will learn how to approach innovation as a system – a system that everyone can learn – a system that increases innovation speed and decreases risk.

IMPORTANT:  We have learned that Innovation can start from the bottom up or the top down.  It’s great when the leadership is engaged.   However,  we are seeing great success from the bottom up and from the middle out. Where ever you are in your organization – consider this your personal invitation to join the movement – to become an Innovation Engineering Black Belt.   To learn more call in the USA 513.271.9911.