Top 3 Most Common Problem Solving Principles.

TRIZ is a problem solving and idea generation tool that resulted from finding patterns ofinvention in millions of patents. The inventor of the tool, Genrich Altshuller, compiled the findings so that anyone who was stuck during the creative process could reference a database of possible solutions to their dilemma based on what has worked historically in that exact same scenario. 

Here are the most common principles used over the past 7 years to problem solve and create new ideas.

1. Parameter Changes

problem solving and idea generation

Sometimes changing the object in some way, such as its temperature, concentration or density, is useful.Think of the chemical composition of the substances.What is the relationship between the atoms and molecules? Are they tightly bound together, do they slide around or come apart easily? Look at the effects on flexibility, load-bearing, chemical reactions, and so on.

2. Segmentation

Segmentation means to separate into smaller parts. A modular design can result in parts which plug together in different ways, or is easy to manufacture, assemble and take apart, such as when repairing or transporting it. If you have separate parts you can treat these parts differently or they can be made of different materials and have different shapes.

3. Preliminary Action

When something is to be done at some time, Preliminary Action means preparing or taking some action beforehand to smooth and ease the event when it does occur. For example, laying the table for breakfast last thing in the evening will save time and stress on the following morning in the sleepy hurry to eat and get to work.

So next time you have a problem think about what parts you could change it, disassemble it or even solve it in advance. If that doesn’t spark any ideas try out the Triz tool, because there are 37 more principles that could help. 

Current Innovation Engineering Labs users can fin and leverage Triz in the tool section as well as the Instant Problem Solving section of your project’s sidebar.