Walking the Talk - New Innovations with Innovation Engineering

Hi Pioneers, Attached at the blog site - is a 45 page report to the National Academy of Sciences on Innovation Engineering  --- History, Learning and Plans for the Future.  It details what we have learned as well as what we are doing with small companies, large companies, in the education community and with governments.

In the report you will learn that we are indeed "walking the talk" i.e. we are innovating

Effective in 2013 we are upgrading our major programs:

1. Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute will be "retired" as our primary public program. It will be replaced by three much more focused programs for specific needs.  

The new PUBLIC Programs will include:

• A one day Innovation Engineering EXPERIENCE for mass audiences.

• A more intensive and intimate Innovation Engineering RETREAT for leadership or project teams

• A 4 part Innovation Engineering WORKSHOP series (Create, Communicate, Commercialize, Accelerate) When combined with participation on a project team this leads to Innovation Engineering Green Belt certification.

In 2013 the first two programs will be run by Master Black Belts only.  Our hope is to open them up more broadly as we gain more experience.

The third program will be be run by Certified IE Black Belts

The one day IE EXPERIENCE program will be more cost efficient (on a time and cost basis than IE Leadership Institutes) - and will be more FOCUSED on simply helping people see, feel and experience the transformation of mindset that is Innovation Engineering.

The 3 day IE RETREAT will be very intense.  It is more highly FOCUSED on helping engaged leadership or project teams of larger organizations go faster and deeper on innovation.   Retreats will be run during 2013 at the Eureka! Ranch or in the UK.

Current dates (subject to change) for Innovation Engineering RETREATS in 2013 are:

January 28 - 30
February 13 - 15 (in the UK)
April 22 - 24
June 3 - 5
August 26 - 28
October 16 - 18
December 4 - 6

If you or your clients are interested at all please call sooner rather than later - Retreats appear to be very popular and the first two are already filling up just from casual conversations.

The new IE WORKSHOP Series will provide a cost efficient way to reach small businesses.  We will have more information on this after the first of the year - on how you can start presenting these for private clients and in public programs.

2. Innovation Engineering Black Belt is undergoing a significant upgrade to improve effectiveness of training and speed to certification.

Innovation Engineering Black Belt 100 and 200 are being retired.   They will be replaced by a new 5 day Innovation College - that uses the patent pending Cycles to Mastery teaching system that we validated at the University of Maine this fall.  The methodology is described in the report.   Bottom line it generated a 4x increase in students achieving mastery.

With the new program candidates watch a series of short videos that cover the 48 skills that make up the Innovation Engineering Body of Knowledge.   Then, you participate in 5 days of all hands on lab and application classes (there are no lectures). If you put in the energy - the majority of your assignments will be completed during the week.   Then, to complete certification you lead a project as project leader then coach a project to complete their certification.  You are provided weekly coaching - one on one- during the first project to make sure you get started right.  You are provided shadow coaching during the second project.

NOTE: For those who are part way in the OLD PROGRAM - you can switch to the new - or stay with the old system.  We will support the old system through the end of 2013. For example, if you've already attended BB100 you can attend just the last two days of Innovation College to complete your class requirements.

Current dates (subject to change) for Innovation College in 2013 are:

February 25 - March 1
March 25 - 29
April 15 - 19
May 13 - 17
June 24 - 28
July 22 - 26
August 19 - 23
September 9 - 13
September 23 - 27
October 21 - 25
November 18 - 22
December 9 - 13

3. MAJOR - Innovation Engineering Labs.com upgrades

We intent to have monthly releases of IE Labs upgrades during 2013.  If you've not checked it out - go to Projects and see the awesome upgrade that shipped last week.    It's a major improvement.  It's easier, faster and smarter.

During 2013 we are also separating labs into two versions - a Small Business version and an Enterprise version for larger companies.  As the movement has grown it's clear that the needs and requirements are different for small versus large companies.  Large organizations will now have a wide range of customization features and advanced resources to meet their unique needs.

As always - we live for your ideas, advice and feedback.

We know fully that "We don't know, We need help, We fail a lot"

Have a great Holiday

Doug Hall On behalf of the Innovation Engineering Institute team

p.s. If you want more info on any of the above - just call Corie or myself at the Eureka! Ranch 513 271-9911