We Must all Hang Together

This week the Innovation Engineering Labs Innovation Request system was born. That’s why you got all those “5 Minutes of time would really help” e-mails.  It’s a “many to many” suggestion box system that can help you find ideas, stimulus, contacts, resources and expertise.  This past week the Innovation Request system: Successfully connected a food manufacturer in Ohio with a patented technology for yogurt that is a 5 to 1 taste test winner.

Successfully connected a manufacturer of high end guitars in Maine to three breakthrough technologies.

A short while ago – it connected a Kansas company to a potential business partner in Utah.

Recall, quantitative survey’s at the moment of creation – with over 6,000 teams found that the key to creating ideas is to Feed the Brain with Stimulus and to Diversify Thinking.   The Innovation Request system helps you accomplish both tasks.

You can use it to Mine for Stimulus AND use it to Diversify your Thinking by connecting to others.   And, you’re not just connecting with random people.  Rather, you are connecting to a community of progressive, forward thinking leaders who have attended an Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute.


1. Think about the title because it’s all that is seen before clicking on it. Examples include:   Ideas for…Contacts for…, Manufacturing help with…, Proprietary Technology for…, Stimulus Mining on…, Expert Help With…

2. Think about who you send your request to. As a participant in the Leadership Institute your account allows you to send requests to the entire Innovation Engineering community or you can target only specific people – by simply entering their email addresses.    When your organization commits to the Innovation Engineering Management System – you also have the ability to send to your company or groups of people in your company with just one click.

3.  Don’t be a voyeur – become part of the process by contributing ideas and posting requests. Become a part of the community by contributing ideas and practice the skills you were taught during the Leadership Institute.   On the right side of the requests are links to useful web sites for doing stimulus mining.

If you wish you can stop public requests from being sent to you.  Simply sign into the system, click on your NAME in the top right, then click on EDIT MY ACCOUNT and change your Notification settings.

Friends, you are the pioneers, the leaders, the forward thinking.  It is up to you to ignite the Innovation Engineering Revolution.   As Dr. Franklin said during the Continental Congress “We must all hang together, or most assuredly we will all hang separately?”

Innovation Engineering Homework: week of April 4, 2011

Help One Another

This week your challenge is to use the system to help others and yourself.  SIGN IN at InnovationEngineeringLabs.com (this is a replacement for the InnovationEngineeringTools.com address if you were signed up earlier in the year) – and click on Innovation Requests.  Your specific tasks for this week include:

1.  RESPOND to two requests: Join at least two conversations – providing mining or ideas.

2.  START a Request of your own: Start a request of your own – sending to specific people or to the community as a whole.   I am in Spokane Washington this week leading a Leadership Institute – however I will try to respond in the evening after the session to all pubic requests – or requests that you include me on privately using my e-mail address from the front of the Engineering Journal’s you received.

Good luck. Till next week.

Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute Dates

The dates for Innovation Engineering 2011 — the “Way to Wealth is Innovation Tour” – public programs include:

April 11-13        Wyoming May 2-4        Louisiana May 23-25        Missouri June 13-15        New York State June 27-29        Kansas September 12-14    Arkansas September 26-28    Virginia October 17-19        Maine November 14-16    Washington State

Sign up information is available at www.InnovationEngineering.info

For details on special Institute packages where your team can have a PRIVATE coach to work with you in the evenings of the Leadership Institute contact Corie Roudebush Spialek at 513.271-9911.

Background on Innovation Engineering Weekly Homework: Research indicates that it takes 10,000 hours to master a subject.   The Innovation Engineering homework assignments provide a clear and focused task each week – to keep students focused on the Way to Wealth through Innovation.    The homework assignments are built around what we call the 13 Virtues of Innovation Engineering.  The inspiration for these weekly assignments is Dr. Ben Franklin’s 13 Virtues that he focused on one at a time, each week completing four 13 week cycles over 52 weeks.