Why Burger Flippers are more RELIABLE than Innovation Managers

If you want to increase speed to market and decrease risk you need to drive out variation in your innovation system. One of the best ways to do that is to upgrade from " management by objective"  to management coaching of WHAT, WHY & HOW. 


Think about it -

  • You local fast food restaurant provides education and documentation for how to make a great hamburger.
  • However the leader of your “BIG INNOVATION” is given no guidance other than it needs to be X Million in sales.

You company has a check list of Management by Objective METRICS that are required at each development GATE where money is allocated.

However, unlike the Burger Flipper - there is no documentation of WHAT, WHY and HOW to develop the BIG INNOVATION.   Each manager does it their own way... the result is innovation is a random dice roll.

What we are learning from our latest Innovation Engineering Institute research is that when you document....WHAT, WHY and HOW for your development milestones then reliability skyrockets... speed to market increases and risk decreases.   What's needed is clarity on....

WHAT the milestone actually is  - explained in a way that everyone on the project team can easily understand it.

WHY the milestone is very important to the organization and the project as this generates buy in and support.

HOW to accomplish the milestone - with links to people, education, tools, etc. as this reduces rework and brings even greater reliability to you system.

When you have real documentation - then it's also possible to GET SMARTER  - to improve your SYSTEM...   Without clarity of WHAT, WHY and HOW all you can do is try to "Beat the Workers" to work harder ... hoping for a miracle this time. 

This new research finding is so important that we recently completed a BEST PRACTICES audit of Phase Gate check lists to help create a FULL  best practices list detailing WHAT, WHY and HOW to achieve each of the important milestones from idea to the marketplace.

TO LEARN MORE - to compare your check lists versus our Best Practices  Check Lists call me at +1 513 271 9911 or email me at research@InnovationEngineering.org.

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