WOW ... Ideas are NOT the problem...NEW DATA just in

Good Morning Innovators, I just sorted the questions posted by those attending the webinar broadcast of the Innovation Engineering International Conference...

11% Need help with IDEAS

27% Need help with Increasing Speed / Decreasing Risk

62% Need help with ALIGNMENT (leadership to worker and between departments/workers)

Here are a few responses to the question  what is greatest innovation challenge?

Every employee is working on hard on their titles, but not in a way that moves projects along quickly from group to group

Aligning everyones end goal


The good news is - we have a solid plan to address the alignment problem...

At 10:00 EST on Monday we will announce version 3.0 of the  Innovation Engineering Operating System. It's primary purpose is -- Improving Alignment! 

The on-line broadcast of the Innovation Engineering Conference is provided at no cost thanks to the Innovation Engineering Institute, Inc.

To sign up for the webinar go to…

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.  Note: there will be special “web only” bonus content provided.

See you all soon in person or via online


Doug Hall