Your company is a great one if...

Your company is a great one if…. IF your offerings are so exciting to customers…

That after customers HAVE BEEN TOLD about your company’s offerings

That after customers HAVE SEARCHED THE INTERNET to check what people are saying

That after customers have EXPERIENCED A SAMPLE of your offerings….

They find that the REALITY of YOUR OFFERING meets or exceeds your Marketing Hype.

AND THEN they are now even  WILLING TO PAY MORE money for your offering than what competition charges.

IF these things are true THEN you have a great company, great product, great brand.

As a GREAT COMPANY you realize a chain reaction of positives…it’s easier to get distribution, to get awareness, to get trial, to get repeat purchase, to get loyalty, to get word of mouth, you realize a higher profit margin and your company is worth more money.

That my friends is “why you should care” about innovation.

And to be clear - innovation involves Product AND Packaging AND Positioning.  IN today's marketplace all three must be innovative and synergistic or you will fail.

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The challenge with innovation is it takes a long time and can be very risky.

The speed and risk challenges can't be resolved by marketing, sales people, scientists, engineers, designers or expert gurus.

The speed and risk challenges can ONLY be resolved by a culture of innovation where everyone works together.  Success as Dr. Ackoff says is the PRODUCT of the Interactions of our departments.

To create a culture of innovation someone needs to lead the transformation.   It’s a humble role that involves a endless  education, driving alignment, igniting collaboration, building courage and even driving for monitization of the ideas into tangible intellectual capital assets.

At various companies it’s called a Brand Manager or a Chief Engineer — it’s a role with total responsibility but very little direct authority.  It’s a facilitator role focused on engaging everyone, everywhere, every day in the pursuit of meaningful uniqueness that delights, excites and surprises the customer.

This is the purpose of the Innovation Engineering movement - a collaboration of system thinkers on campus and in industry.

If you're interested in learning more - I'm leading a Free Webinar titled

Got Strategy? But No Momentum?

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As a member of the company leadership you are fired up about your new strategic plan but your strategic plan just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  Implementation starts and stops because 1) Projects are not perfectly aligned with the strategy, 2) departments are not aligned with each other or 3) the ideas are not in perfect alignment with customers. 

The problem you face is ALIGNMENT and it’s a common one all over the world.

The good news is there is a new field of academic study called Innovation Engineering that is researching, experimenting and teaching smarter systems for addressing alignment challenges. 

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