youtube links to New Innovation Engineering Videos

Good Morning Friends from Heathrow Airport I have learned a lot this week - but don't have time to get it all out.

I will admit that I enjoyed quoting Charles Dickens from a Tale of Two Cites "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" - at the Royal London Opera House in the very heart of the city to 400+ Executives yesterday.   I shared stories from USA, Canada, Ireland and South Korea.

You can see the following videos on the VIDEO player at and on the websites of Innovation Engineering Network partners.

Some have asked for direct links so that they can share one video at a time.

All of the videos are on a youtube channel that we are developing

The first link below is the NEWEST Overview video - it tells the entire story in just a few minutes. I showed this during my trip here to the UK - and it got very positive results.

Innovation Engineering Overview 

The next two videos showcase Invention Blueprints & New Market GPS videos.  These are WICKED GOOD  tools that are available exclusively to those who are either members of the Innovation Engineering Network or are Companies using the system.  They regularly get audible "gasps" from executives when they view them.
Note: Currently everyone with access to labs can use them  on a trial basis - along with other tools.  Effective January 17, 2014  -Standard Resellers and their clients will not have access to them.   If you have questions contact me directly at the Eureka! Ranch.  Leave a message and I'll call you back (I'm flying back to USA from UK today).
Invention Blueprints
New Market GPS
Lastly - the most famous Innovation Engineering Video of all time.
Erick Jame's Masterpiece.
How does Innovation Engineering work? - Fun Explanation