Innovation Engineering for NON-PROFITS

Innovation is a critical component for success for any organization - for profit and not for profit.  Innovation Engineering is a collaborative approach that fosters the kind of progressive work needed to pioneer new ways to meet missions, to fundraise, and to engage with donors and the communities you serve.

How Innovation Engineering addresses common non-profit challenges:

If you're looking to make your staff more innovative in their current work, check out the Innovation Engineering Quick Start.

If you want to build innovation into the fabric of your organization such that it drives your whole organization's culture, check out Innovation College.

If you need to fill your pipeline with fundraising or mission-driven ideas that are disruptive and change the landscape of your non-profit, a project would be a great fit.

If your a non-profit executive searching for what you can do to raise the innovation bar at your non-profit, consider an Innovation Engineering Executive Course for you and your leadership team.

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Learn how the Alliance for Families and Communities along with other Non-Profits across the U.S. are changing their future with Innovation Engineering.

Schelli has worked with top non-profits across the country to help transform their ability to innovate...breaking down silos, applying metrics, and challenging paradigms. Here she shares her secret to success and how Innovation Engineering helps her succeed.

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