Innovation Engineering for ORGANIZATIONS

Creating a culture and capability of innovation across an organization takes more than just empowerment, inspiring speakers or the desire to innovate.  In order to create a culture you need to build systems that make it possible, practical and easy for everyone to innovate, everywhere, in everything they do. 

Creating a culture of innovation is a culmination of 4 things:

Education - People cannot be successful in something they know little to nothing about.  Teaching them how to innovate is a fundamental building block of an innovative culture.

Tools - If you're asked to build a house, but not given a hammer and nails the process will be slow and frustrating.  Enabling staff with the tools to make the job of innovation easier helps to reinforce a culture of innovation.

Projects - No movement begins without an explosive proactive force to start it.  Waves of projects helps to keep the forward momentum of innovation and an alignment to help progress go fast.

Coaching & Change Agents - Sustaining a culture of innovation can be as challenging as creating it in the first place.  To ensure innovation isn't "the flavor of the month" Change Agents and coaches work to constantly pioneer and improve innovation methods.

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