All of our work with large and small multinationals, governments, for profits and not for profits is confidential.  Which makes showing you a session a little tough.  

So instead we donated our time to help Waterfields, and in exchange they let us do a little video to show you a bit of what a project looks like.  We hope you enjoy.


Wether you're considering Innovation Engineering as an approach for your team or organization or simply need to solve a pressing business challenge, an Innovation Engineering project can be just the thing you need.  It blends education, tools, and hands-on help by experts to ensure you get the results you need.

Common project objectives include:

  • Creating new Disruptive offerings for your market
  • Accelerating existing projects that have stalled out
  • Getting new customers
  • Problem Solving for existing projects
  • Cost Reduction projects that also increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Inventing/Revising systems for: going to market, increasing sampling, accelerating development

While every project is custom, in general they all follow the following 3 steps:


1. Immersion, alignment & education.

Every project starts with some level of immersion, alignment and education.  We'll work with you and your team to understand the challenge fully and educate the team on the Innovation Engineering approach we'll use.

waterfields group working.png


A collection of people from your team and our Innovation Engineering Black Belts work together to create and accelerate solutions for your challenge.  The session can be from 4 hours to 4 days in length, depending on the depth and intensity of your challenge. 


3.  project acceleration.

While you can fill a pipeline with raw ideas, if you want to know which ones are the best ones and to ramp them up for development quickly - you'll want to use Innovation Engineering to accelerate them.  Our experts will work with your project leaders to coach and hands-on help them make the project a reality using Fail Fast, Fail Cheap™ development.  

to discuss a custom designed project for your business challenge.