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Innovation Engineering Labs is a software portal that enables you and your team to work faster, smarter, & more creatively.  It amplifies the impact of the Innovation Engineering Education and helps turn the new mindset into a cultural habit.  The tools are accessed through a private web portal established just for you or your organization.   

They are designed to work effortlessly, not to make life more difficult.  The tools contain dynamic artificial intelligence that improves the ability of your people to do innovation research, write persuasive concepts, create risk adjusted and validated sales forecasts, write a patent in about an hour, and find stimulus.  They also include proprietary databases for collaboration and sorting patents as idea stimulus.

Importantly, the tools are ready to use instantly with no complicated “set up” required.  However, they also grow into a valuable, proprietary advantage as they become customized through use.  

When people use "IE Labs" along with the work processes and system-driven innovation mindset it:

  1. Increases stage/phase gate project speed by up to 6X. 
  2. Reduces cost & time for idea research by up to 90%.
  3. Ignites fresh ideas from over 5 million FREE idea blue prints.
  4. Enables writing of a provisional patent in about an hour.
  5. Turns you into a world class innovation guru with an Interactive library of 100+ exercises, forecasting calculators, R&D tools and models to help you innovate, communicate and overcome innovation barriers.
  6. Cuts forecast failures by doing 10,000 risk adjusted simulations on the value of your innovations. 
  7. Cuts forecast failures using the world’s only 5 year sales forecasting model - blending trial & repeat and diffusion.
  8.  Increases internal collaboration for ideas and problem solving.
  9. Educates-on-demand with virtual classrooms teach you just what you need when you need it.

The 5 cross-functional systems of Innovation Engineering Labs:


Connecting strategy to projects and project management is the key to strategic alignment and speed.  It is driven by an advanced project management system that helps you accelerate both CORE (close in) and LEAP (game changing) innovations. 

Standardized Death Threats and Milestones for projects are detailed including not only WHAT needs to be done to move a project forward but also WHY it is important as well as HOW to accomplish it.  The net effect of this documentation is a standardization of innovation work and a dramatic reduction in variation in your innovation system. 


Collaboration is the most powerful innovation leverage tool there is.  It’s also one of the hardest concepts to implement. 

The IE labs collaboration system is the most advanced  on earth.  It incorporates “many to many” idea requests to drive quality at the source.  A simple security system drives out fear and enables private networks.  Tools and metrics drive the all important intrinsic motivation that is critical for driving innovation. 

A gateway is provided from your portal to the Global Innovation Engineering collaboration community.  A Fortune 500 company’s R&D group found that they generated 6 high quality leads for innovation problem solving ,within a few days, when they used the Innovation Engineering community.

3. Rapid Research System

The purpose of this system is to make it easy for project teams to get feedback and most importantly data on how to improve their ideas.  The tools range from qualitative systems, like Idea Doubling, that provide fresh insight to quantitative systems, like Insight Mining, that capture video comments and give teams insights on customer problems and reactions to idea starters. 

Smart advice is provided from tools like Idea Coach and Idea Scan.  They make it easy to make smart and meaningful improvements to innovations. 

Validated decision support systems such as Truth Teller and Rapid Test help teams make smarter investment decisions.  


This system helps teams build wealth by turning their ideas into tangible intellectual property.  Invention Blueprints helps teams identify great deals and stimulus for new ideas.  The Ideas to Patent system helps them write a provisional patent application in about an hour.  Technology translation and valuation systems accelerate the buying and selling of technologies. 

5.  Stimulus Mining, Create, Communicate and Commercialize Tools

This area includes 50+ tools focused on the Innovation Engineering Create, Communicate, and Commercialize classes.  The tools are useable instantly but most are also fully customizable.  Customized versions can be archived in your personal or company Memory Bank. A sampling of the tools includes:

  • EbscoHost Database - A pre-paid subscription to the best databases we have found for finding full text academic articles, magazines and journals that you can use as stimulus for creating ideas or problem solving.
  • Spark Deck Generator - Allows you to build a stimulus spark deck in about 60 seconds from patents.
  • TRIZ Interactive & Worksheet - A fast and easy way to use TRIZ to invent and problem solve challenges.
  • Business Model - A check list of business model options that will open your mind to new ideas.
  •  Innovation Leadership - A spark deck that opens your minds to ideas for leading innovation.
  • Process Improvement - A check list of process improvements stimulus.
  • Osborn - The classic checklist for idea creation by Alex Osborn.
  • Marketing Message - A checklist for improving marketing messages.
  • Red White Blue (666) Tool - A tool for force associating between 3 related/unrelated stimulus prompts.
  • Mind Mapping - A tool to map your thinking in a two dimensional way that reflects free associations.
  • Lawbreaker - The best tool for forcing dramatically different ideas.
  • Stimulus Processing - An Idea Engineering tool for processing stimulus.
  • Numeric Benefit - Adding a Number to your Benefit Promise will increase your odds of success by 52%.
  • Do One Thing Great - A tool that encourages FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS.
  • Don’t Sell Me - A tool to help the team turn your product's features into Benefit promises.
  • Analogy I / Equation - A simple way to use analogy for problem solving.
  • Analogy II / How To - A second way to use analogy for problem solving.
  • Po Lateral Thinking - The classic lateral thinking tool.
  • Visual Analogy - Dr. VanGundy’s classic system for using images to stimulate ideas.
  • Guided Excursions - A work sheet and audio recordings for opening your mind
  • Matrix Mixing Interactive - The fastest way to make idea connections.
  • Take Over Time - Adopt a new frame of reference, what would x company do?
  • PICL List - Dr. VanGundy’s proprietary stimulus list.
  • Stimulus Two Step - This tool uses a two-step approach to process unrelated stimulus.
  • Mind Dump - Get current ideas out of your head and onto paper.
  • Gauntlet - An tool that facilitates idea builds and fresh perspectives.
  • Infomercial - A tool that causes teams to step back and think deeper about their idea.
  • Pass the Buck - The classic version of Dr. VanGundy’s 4 square forced association tool.
  • Idealized Redesign - Create your own Idealized Redesign.
  • 10 Minute System Map - Create your own 10 Minute System Map.
  • Ideas to Paper - Two work sheets designed to spark deeper thinking about strategy or ideas.
  • Take Over Time - A simple a new frame of reference, what would x company do?
  • Sales Forecasting Tool - Fourt Woodlock tool for estimating annual sales of innovations.
  • Lines of Evolution - An advanced way to look into the future for innovation inspiration.
  • Grade Level Calculator - A simple way to check for clarity of your idea.
  • New Market GPS - A tool that helps you identify what markets offer opportunity for profits.
  •  Memory Bank - This provides an easy access database to the customized tools you’ve created, stimulus spark decks and company research. It allows for sharing with your work group, company or the world.

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